Ride the vaporetto in Venice

Ride on an unusual transport - the vaporetto, and enjoy the beauty of the Venetian Lagoon!


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Ride the vaporetto

#9 of 37 things to do in Venice
The vaporetto is considered the main public transport in Venice, and find its counterparts in other countries is very difficult.

You should buy a ticket for €7.5 (for 75 minutes) and ride on this extraordinary transport on the Venice lagoon, looking at the most famous islands of Venice!

How much?

€7.5 depending on the route.

Tips and hints

you can find the vaporetto stop anywhere in Venice. Tickets you can buy both at the box office next to the vaporetto stop and on the boat.


Guest22 July 2017

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Visit Burano island in Venice
oddviserVisit Burano island#29 of 37 things to do in Venice

Take a walk among the colorful houses on the Burano island and buy lace from local masters.

How much: price unknown#authentic#strollingBurano island
Try bigoli in Venice
Joan NaplesTry bigoli#33 of 37 things to do in Venice

Only in Venice you can try the real bigoli as it is prepared on its homeland.

How much: from 10 euros#cuisineVenice
Try cicchetti in Venice
milaTry cicchetti#32 of 37 things to do in Venice

Take a glass of wine and try a traditional Venetian snack - cicchetti.

How much: from 3 euros#cuisineVenice
Attend Festa del Redentore in Venice
R.R.MixAttend Festa del Redentore#25 of 37 things to do in Venice

Attend the brightest festival, when all of Venice at night will be illuminated by hundreds of lights from the fireworks.

How much: free#unusual#authentic#free#cultural#holidaysVenice
Drive a motor boat through Venice canals in Venice
oddviserDrive a motor boat through Venice canals#2 of 37 things to do in Venice

Go on a motor boat in the most secret places of the Venice lagoon.

How much: from 35 euros#authentic#strollingVenice
Listen to music of Vivaldi in Venice
klia baloListen to music of Vivaldi#30 of 37 things to do in Venice

Listen to performance of Vivaldi's music in the church next to the orphanage, where this great Venetian composer worked.

How much: from 28 euros#authentic#culturalThe church of Santa Maria della Pietà
Try Dry Martini cocktail in Venice
FelicityTry Dry Martini cocktail#21 of 37 things to do in Venice

Best martini, according to Hemingway, is in Harry's Bar, and you should try this strong drink.

How much: from 20 euros#cuisine#adultHarry’s Bar
Take a walk through the Rialto Bridge in Venice
Eugene KrasowskiTake a walk through the Rialto Bridge#3 of 37 things to do in Venice

Take a walk through the most famous bridge in Venice, which has become its identification mark!

How much: free#bridges#sightsRialto Bridge
Try carpaccio at Harry's Bar in Venice
oddviserTry carpaccio at Harry's Bar#27 of 37 things to do in Venice

The famous gourmet Italian dish carpaccio was invented for the permanent visitors of the legendary Harry's Bar.

How much: from 47 euros#cuisineHarry’s Bar
Buy Murano glass in Venice
JDIBuy Murano glass#22 of 37 things to do in Venice

Bring your loved ones the main souvenir of Venice — Murano glass.

How much: from 15 euros#authentic#souvenirs#luxuryMurano Island
Enjoy kayaking in Venice
oddviserEnjoy kayaking#31 of 37 things to do in Venice

Rent a kayak and explore the most secret and hidden from the eyes of other travelers places in Venice!

How much: from 120 euros#activeVenice
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