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Top 10 places where to fly a hot air balloon

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Oddviser will tell you where, how much and HOW to fly a hot air balloon in the most beautiful corners of the world.

Top 10 places where to fly a hot air balloon

If you always dreamt of flying a hot air balloon, then it's time to make your dream come true. Forward to adventure and exciting emotions! We offer you Top 10 places where you can fly a balloon and sip champagne in its basket enjoying the most unusual, extraordinary and unique panoramic views in the world.

No.1: Over Cappadocia

From a bird's-eye view, fabulous Cappadocia appears as if it is in the palm of your hand!

Price: от 80 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.2: Over Kiev

What? You have seen Kiev from a height, haven't you? Run faster to the Motherland statue. Wait. Stop! Better appreciate the beauty of the city, towering over it in a hot air balloon.

Price: от 95 euro per person

How to do it? →

No. 3: Over Provence

Fly over the lavender valleys and the green hills of French Provence and recharge yourself with positive emotions.

Price: от 150 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.4: Over Catalonia

Trust the Spanish wind - let it carry you to the most beautiful corners of Barcelona.

Price: от 160 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.5: Above the Arabian Desert

Enjoing unshakable sands in the rays of the rising sun over a hot desert is an inexpressible sensation. See it yourself!

Price: от 190 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.6: Over the Hunter Valley

Perhaps Australia is the wildest and the most dangerous country on the planet, but all this fades before its beauty, especially when you can appreciate it from a height of more than 2000 meters above the ground.


Price: от 190 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.7: Over Marrakesh < h3>
Feel the real Moroccan flavor and go on a hot air balloon flight over Marrakesh.


Price: от 200 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.8: Over Berlin

No time to inspect all the sights in Berlin? - No problem. Take an opportunity to see the city from a hot air balloon right in the center of the capital.


Price: от 220 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.9: Above Tuscany

Picturesque nature, charming grape fields and green meadows, meandering rivers and blue lakes - all this and even much more, you will see flying on an aerostat over Tuscany.

Price: от 250 euro per person

How to do it? →

No.10: Over London

You're flying over the London smog, just above the clouds like Peter Pen and it seems like you're about to touch the tip of Big Ben. No, it's not just a dream. It's you just flying a balloon over London.

Price: от 285 euro per person

How to do it? →



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