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Fly in a hot air balloonin Berlin, Germany

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How much time do you need to spend to appreciate all the beauty of Berlin? Exactly, an hour will be enough if you are flying over the city in a balloon.
How to fly in a hot air balloon in Berlin
A huge rainbow balloon, a gentle lift, a sense of flight and freedom, and a stunning view of Berlin is waiting for you during an exciting balloon trip.

Flight on a air balloonPhoto: Flight on a air balloon

How to do?

1. You can book a flight on a balloon over Berlin in several sightseeing agencies.
2. Agree on the venue or transfer, determine how long the flight will last and wait for the selected date.
3. Departure is usually performed outside the city limits, go to the specified place.
4. Listen to the briefing and get into the basket.
5. Appreciate the beauty of the city from a height of more than 200 meters above the ground, view all the sights from a bird's eye view and enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday with splashes of champagne and a sense of freedom.
6. Upon landing, standing ovations, a certificate confirming that you are an aeronaut and a sea of ​​emotions that you want to share will be waiting for you.

When to do?

Flights are carried out literally every 15 minutes, depending on the weather.


Guest22 July 2024

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