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2things to do
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Ride naked on segway on Potsdamer Platzin Berlin, Germany

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Join usit's more fun together :)
You can see the city, feeling the breeze blowing you from all sides ... :)
How to ride naked on segway on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin
Smote all the Germans by renting a segway and ride along one of the most beautiful and modern areas of Berlin naked! For this trip you need a segway and a complete lack of embarrassment and fear :)

You can rent a segway directly on the Potsdam Square, the rest is just for you. It remains only to take off your clothes and see all the main attractions of the square, feeling the freedom and light breeze blows the warm air from all sides.

Where to do?

#1Potsdam Square in BerlinPotsdam Square

This area is the center of cultural and economic development of the city, where you can find the combination of history and modern realities of Berlin.

How much?

from €16 per hour.

Tips and hints

Oddviser does not recommend you to ride naked through the Berlin area because of very strict german rules, you can be arrested and fined.

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More things to do in Berlin

#2Fly in a hot air balloon in BerlinFly in a hot air balloonoddviser

How much time do you need to spend to appreciate all the beauty of Berlin? Exactly, an hour will be enough if you are flying over the city in a balloon.

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