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Get a role in an Indian moviein Mumbai, India

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Get a role in an Indian movie is an inaccessible dream for many people. But it can become true in a far and fabulous India!
How to get a role in an Indian movie in Mumbai
No matter how unrealizable it may sound, it's quite easy to take part Indian cinema. Annually Bollywood filmmakers produce over 700 films and thousands of commercials.

Bollywood behind the scenesPhoto: Bollywood behind the scenes, © Mayur Puri

Naturally, for the growth of their popularity in the frame there should be people of several nationalities. Bollywood agents literally scour the streets of Mumbai in search of "cheap labor."

Bollywood castPhoto: Bollywood cast, © Chris Hacking

But if you really want to get arole in an Indian cinema, you should come to the most popular place among Bollywood headhunters - a cultural monument "Gateway of India" in Mumbai. It is here you can be given a role in the movie or commercial, even without special acting skills.

How to do?

1. Come to the square at the "Gateway of India" monument.
2. You can just walk arond or do whatever you want.
3. After a while, an agent will approach to you whith his offer.
4. He will offer you about 10 dollars a day and regular free dinners.
5. Agree and show your acting talent!

Where to do?

#1Gateway of India in MumbaiGateway of India

The basalt arch performed in the Indo-Saracenic style is a symbol of India's boisterous and tragic struggle for independence.

Location: Mumbai seafront

Tips and hints

If you know how to play a musical instrument - take it with you.

If nobody came up to along thr day, don't get upset. You can try your luck the next day.


Guest19 May 2024

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