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Gateway of Indiain Mumbai, India

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The basalt arch performed in the Indo-Saracenic style is a symbol of India's boisterous and tragic struggle for independence.
Gateway of India, Mumbai
The basalt arch "Gateway of India" in Mumbai is not only a monument to India's struggle for independence, but also an admirable example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

Gateway of IndiaPhoto: Gateway of India

Daily many travelers come here not only to see "Gateway of India", but fulfill their dream - to get a role in a movie. It is just here, very often agents of Bollywood cinema are looking for foreignerы for roles in their films and advertises.

More than 700 films are shot in India every year. Why do agents need foreigners even without acting skills? The answer is simple - if there are foreign characters in the film, its ratings rise faster!

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#2Get a role in an Indian movie in MumbaiGet a role in an Indian movieДарья Слепакова

Get a role in an Indian movie is an inaccessible dream for many people. But it can become true in a far and fabulous India!

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Gateway of India on the map

Location: Mumbai seafront


Guest18 May 2024

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Gloomy, littered with mountains of debris, overcrowded Dharavi slums is an interesting place to visit.

Photo credit © Aniruddha Kulkarni