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What to see in Japan —
22 places to visit

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22 places to visit in Japan


#1in TokyoChidorigafuchi Moat in TokyoChidorigafuchi Moat in Tokyo

Once a year (in a short period of flowering cherry) Chidorigafuchi Moat turns into a real paradise.

#2in TokyoToyama BayToyama Bay in Tokyo

The deep bay in northern Japan is surrounded by mountain range (the water depth is more than 1000 meters right near the shore). At the bottom of the bay - sunken relict forests.

#3in TokyoSuicide ForestSuicide Forest in Tokyo

The gloomy forest at the foot of a sleeping volcano, where the compass never indicates the right way, is notorious as an ideal place for suicide.

#9in TokyoMount FujiMount Fuji in Tokyo

Sacred for Buddhists mount and a popular touristic object. It is an active volcano and reaches 3776 meters. The last eruption here occurred 300 years ago.

#7in TokyoSumida riverSumida river in Tokyo

The river flows through Tokyo and disgorges its waters into Tokyo Bay. The Sumida is 27 kilometers long.

#6in TokyoShibuya Railway StationShibuya Railway Station in Tokyo

Every day more than 2 million people get to Shibuya Station to commute from Tokyo suburb and back.

#4in TokyoUeno ZooUeno Zoo in Tokyo

The zoo was opened in 1882 and it is the oldest one in Japan. 14-hectare territory harbours more than 3000 animals including pandas brought from the Beijing nursery.

#5in TokyoToyota MegaWebToyota MegaWeb in Tokyo

Toyota showcase is located on the Odaiba artificial island in entertainment centre Palette Town. Here are all the Toyota models - from retro cars to cars of the future.

#8in TokyoTokyo Dome CityTokyo Dome City in Tokyo

Huge entertainment park in Tokyo is located near the roofed arena for sports competitions. You can get here by city train heading to Suidobashi Station.

#1in FukuokaBeppu hot springsBeppu hot springs in Fukuoka

In Beppu city that is in the east of Kyushu island there are more than 2800 mineral hot springs. The most popular ones are the Nine Hells of Beppu (Jigoku). You can see them any day from 8am till 5pm. Entry ticket is 400 yens.

#1in KiotoNagamachi Samurai districtNagamachi Samurai district in Kioto

The district was built up in XVI century in Kanazawa city when samurais with their families were settling in here. You can get to this place by train from Kyoto and Tokyo.

#2in KiotoFushimi Inari TaishaFushimi Inari Taisha in Kioto

The main temple that is dedicated to the God Inari located on the decline of the hill. The main sanctuary of the temple stands on the height of 233 meters above sea level. You can get here on foot from Inari station.

#10in TokyoHarajuku districtHarajuku district in Tokyo

It is the centre of street fashion that is located near Harajuku Station. Followers of different subcultures get together to hang out here and to boast of their freaky outfits.

#11in TokyoOdaiba islandOdaiba island in Tokyo

This is a place of all futuristic objects of Tokyo - giant robot, cars of the future, ultramodern metro. The Rainbow Bridge connects Odaiba and Tokyo.

#12in TokyoInokashira ParkInokashira Park in Tokyo

Park that occupies an area of 383,773 square kilometers is placed in the suburbs of Tokyo between Musashino and Mitaka towns. You can get here by city train heading to Kichijōji Station.

#13in TokyoTokyo SkytreeTokyo Skytree in Tokyo

The second highest construction in the world - TV tower including the aerial reaches 634 meters. Inside the tower there is a restaurant and an observation deck.

#14in TokyoTsukiji fish marketTsukiji fish market in Tokyo

One of the largest fish markets in the world. More than 2000 tonnes of fish and seafood are sold here. It's located at Tsukijishijo metro station. Come here at 9am - at this time market stall are not empty yet.

#15in TokyoAkihabara districtAkihabara district in Tokyo

It's the concentration of electronics. Here you can buy any electronic device - whether it is a video game console or your personal robot. The electronic paradise is a five-minute walk from Tokyo Station.

#16in TokyoAsakusa districtAsakusa district in Tokyo

The district is known for Buddhist temple Senso-ji, 12-meter-high gate Kaminarimon at the entrance and also Hanamachi - district where about 50 Japanese geisha girls live and work.

#17in TokyoDisneySea amusement parkDisneySea amusement park in Tokyo

It is placed not far from Disneyland - in Tokyo suburbs (Urayasu) on the bank of Tokyo Bay. There is Mediterranean Harbour, Mermaid Lagoon, American Waterfront, Mysterious island in the entertainment park.

#18in TokyoGhibli MuseumGhibli Museum in Tokyo

It's a maze-like museum of anime characters located in Mitaka city in Inokashira park that is a 30-minute drive from Tokyo. Buy tickets in advance from ticket-vending machines in Lawson stores.

#3in KiotoArashiyama parkArashiyama park in Kioto

Arashiyama park is located in the district with the same name of Kyoto. The park is known for the bamboo grove, but also here you can visit monkey zoo. You can get here by city train, bus or tram.

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