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What to see in Kioto —
3 places to visit

3things to doin Kioto

3 places to visit in Kioto

#1Nagamachi Samurai districtNagamachi Samurai district

The district was built up in XVI century in Kanazawa city when samurais with their families were settling in here. You can get to this place by train from Kyoto and Tokyo.

#2Fushimi Inari TaishaFushimi Inari Taisha

The main temple that is dedicated to the God Inari located on the decline of the hill. The main sanctuary of the temple stands on the height of 233 meters above sea level. You can get here on foot from Inari station.

#3Arashiyama parkArashiyama park

Arashiyama park is located in the district with the same name of Kyoto. The park is known for the bamboo grove, but also here you can visit monkey zoo. You can get here by city train, bus or tram.

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