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What to do in Kioto —
3 things to do

3places to visitin Kioto

3 things to do in Kioto

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#1Visit a samurai's house in KiotoVisit a samurai's houseHarper Fuller

You can see the way samurai's Nomura family lived and drink tea 400-year-old garden every day from 8:30am till 5:30pm. The house is placed in Nagamachi district in Kanazawa city.

¥500Nagamachi Samurai district
#2Walk through 4000-meter-long torii tunnel in KiotoWalk through 4000-meter-long torii tunneloddviser

Each gate is a sacrifice to Inari the God of business. Go through them and get career success.

Fushimi Inari Taisha
#3Take a stroll in a bamboo grove in KiotoTake a stroll in a bamboo groveoddviser

40-meter-high bamboo trees occupy more than 15km² of Arashiyama park territory. The entrance is free.

FREEArashiyama park
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