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Chidorigafuchi Moatin Tokyo, Japan

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Once a year (in a short period of flowering cherry) Chidorigafuchi Moat turns into a real paradise.
Chidorigafuchi Moat, Tokyo
You can ride on a boat on the moat Chidorigafuchi at any time of the year, but, of course, everyone wants to come here in a short period of flowering cherry.

Chidorigafuchi is located near the eponymous National Cemetery at the Imperial Palace. You can get here for free at any time of the day, but to go boating - from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm (every day except Monday). The cost of rent in the regular season - 500 yen per half hour, during cherry blossom - 800 yen per half hour.

You can get here by subway - the nearest station is called Kudanshita (station is designated as Z-06 - on the line Hanzomon, T-07 - on the Tozai Line and S-05 - on the Shinjuku line).

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#1Take a boat ride among the sakura cherry blossom in TokyoTake a boat ride among the sakura cherry blossomoddviser

This wonderful place in the heart of Tokyo provides an ideal atmosphere for lovers.

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Guest22 July 2024
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