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What to do in Tokyo —
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22 things to do in Tokyo

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#1Take a boat ride among the sakura cherry blossom in TokyoTake a boat ride among the sakura cherry blossomoddviser

This wonderful place in the heart of Tokyo provides an ideal atmosphere for lovers.

¥800Chidorigafuchi Moat
#2Watch firefly squids in TokyoWatch firefly squidsAnna Tet

In Toyama bay they hook squids shining blue. At night they are seen the best. Come here to witness the majestic picture in the water!

¥3000Toyama Bay
#17Climb up Mount Fuji in TokyoClimb up Mount FujiAnna Tet

Fuji is a sleeping volcano. The last eruption occurred 300 years ago.

FREEMount Fuji
#3Take a hotaluna water bus ride in TokyoTake a hotaluna water bus rideoddviser

Glass roof of the vessel offers a 360° panorama view of the city.

¥980Sumida river
#4Sing karaoke in the Ferris wheel's cabin in TokyoSing karaoke in the Ferris wheel's cabinoddviser

Every fifth cabin on Big O wheel is equipped with karaoke system.

¥820Tokyo Dome City
#16Buy a kimono in TokyoBuy a kimonooddviser

Kimono is a traditional Japanese loose-fitting outfit with a belt and wide sleeves.

#12See the monument to the most faithful dog Hachiko in TokyoSee the monument to the most faithful dog Hachikooddviser

Every day Hachiko waited for his owner at Shibuya Station, even after his death the dog kept waiting for 10 years.

FREEShibuya Railway Station
#5Visit a get-together of cosplayers in TokyoVisit a get-together of cosplayersoddviser

On Sundays all year round Dzingubasi Bridge turns into cosplayers' get-together place - boys and girls dye hair pink and violet and put on an outfit of favourite anime character.

FREEHarajuku district
#6Try Japanese curry in TokyoTry Japanese curryoddviser

It is made of Japanese rice adding Indian spices. It is served with meat and vegetables. You can order it one of the curry-bars of Tokyo.

#7See pet pandas of Japan in TokyoSee pet pandas of Japanoddviser

Ri Ri and Shin Shin live in the Tokyo zoo. You can watch them any day except for Monday from 9:30am till 5:00pm.

¥600Ueno Zoo
#8See Toyota car of the future in TokyoSee Toyota car of the futureoddviser

Conceptual Toyota car is placed in pavilion 2F that is opened daily from 11am till 9pm.

FREEToyota MegaWeb
#9Drive Toyota latest model car in TokyoDrive Toyota latest model caroddviser

Book a test drive of any car in Ride One hall. You can take a drive from 11am till 8pm.

¥300Toyota MegaWeb
#10See a shoebill in TokyoSee a shoebilloddviser

Shoebill's beak resembling a wooden boot enables the bird to hunt for fish only. If the shoebills get poor catch, zoo workers feed them.

¥600Ueno Zoo
#11Take a picture with the giant robot in TokyoTake a picture with the giant robotoddviser

18-meter-high robot can move its head and release smoke - watch the performance every two hours beginning from 11am.

FREEOdaiba island
#13See the most crowded crossing in the world in TokyoSee the most crowded crossing in the worldoddviser

You can see hundreds of people crossing the street out of windows of Starbucks cafe in Tsutaya shop.

FREEShibuya Railway Station
#14Ride a swan boat in TokyoRide a swan boatoddviser

Among all types of boats here, swan boats are the most expensive. 30-minute ride costs ¥700. Come here for a ride from the mid-March to early April when sakura is in blossom.

¥700Inokashira Park
#15See the panorama of night Tokyo in TokyoSee the panorama of night Tokyooddviser

Come up to the upper observation deck (450 meters) of the Skytree tower in the evening - tickets are available till 9pm.

¥1030Tokyo Skytree
#18Visit tuna auction in TokyoVisit tuna auctionoddviser

The market opens at 3am, but come here earlier to reserve a place among 60 people who are allowed to watch the auction. It's closed on Sunday and sometimes on Wednesday.

FREETsukiji fish market
#19Have breakfast in maid cafe in TokyoHave breakfast in maid cafeoddviser

The most popular maid cafes are located in Akihabara district and they are opened from 10am till 10pm. Waitress here dress up as doll-like maids or anime characters.

Akihabara district
#20Recharge your batteries in a relax capsule in TokyoRecharge your batteries in a relax capsuleoddviser

One-hour sleep in an oxygen capsule equals a good night's sleep. All spa centres in the city have such recreation space.

#21Drink tea with geisha girls in TokyoDrink tea with geisha girlsoddviser

You can order a tea ceremony to a tune of lute music and geisha performance in Ichimatsu restaurant in Asakusa district.

Asakusa district
#22Try tofu in TokyoTry tofuoddviser

Curd made of soybeans is tender and tastes like a creamy jelly. You can eat it with honey or jam. Pop into any supermarket in Tokyo to buy Japanese cheese.

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