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Buy a kimonoin Tokyo, Japan

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Kimono is a traditional Japanese loose-fitting outfit with a belt and wide sleeves.
How to buy a kimono in Tokyo
Traditionally kimono is a hand-made outfit and it is decorated with paintings by hand as well. To sew one kimono a master needs 36 centimeters wide and 12 meters long silk or sateen cloth. Obi belt is an important element of the dress - it shows the status of kimono owner.

, Kioto

Unmarried girls wear furisode kimono with long and wide sleeves and brightly colored patterns. Married women put on kurotomesode kimono that is black with pattern at the lower half, actresses and geisha girls dress up Susohiki kimono to perform traditional Japanese dance.

, Kioto

How to do?

1. You can buy or rent a kimono in a shopping mall or in a kimono shop. Obi belt is the most valuable element of the dress, you have to pay extra for it. Kimono costs ¥2900, belt - ¥850. Kimono rent is ¥1080. Also you can go to flea market, here you can find a kimono that is cheaper, but look at it attentively to check the quality.

2. If you want to buy a kimono from a master, go to Ogava street - here you'll find a master who creates uniquely designed kimonos, but they are quite pricey - ¥3,000,000.

How much?

One kimono - ¥2900, obi belt - ¥850, kimono rent - ¥1080; uniquely designed kimono - ¥3,000,000.


Guest30 November 2023

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