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#1in ChernobylPripyat in ChernobylPripyat in Chernobyl

A dead and long-neglected ghost town is widely known throughout the world after the tragedy that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

#2in ChernobylChernobyl-2 or OTH-SW Duga Radar in ChernobylChernobyl-2 or OTH-SW Duga Radar in Chernobyl

The over-the-horizon radar Duga or object Chernobyl-2 is the largest, most secret and grandiose object of the whole Soviet Union.

#4in ChernobylCooling Pond Channel in ChernobylCooling Pond Channel in Chernobyl

An artificial reservoir built to cool the reactors of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is the habitat of the giant catfish.

#3in ChernobylAbandoned cargo port in ChernobylAbandoned cargo port in Chernobyl

In an old godforsaken quiet pier, on the sandy bank of the river, only a few rusty old port cranes remind that there was once a new cargo port.

#1in LvivMasochCafe in LvivMasochCafe in Lviv

What is special about this cafe? Maybe waiters... they are not rude and do not cheat, they just grab you at the entrance, drag to the basement, chain and beat you with a whip.

#5in ChernobylExclusion Zone in ChernobylExclusion Zone in Chernobyl

The most contaminated with radiation area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was named a 30-kilometer exclusion zone.

#2in LvivBrewery Museum in LvivBrewery Museum in Lviv

The Brewery Museum in Lviv is a place where you can touch the history of the creation and try the hop drink that has been made since 1715.

#3in LvivPark of culture and recreation named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky in LvivPark of culture and recreation named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Lviv

Ideal place for lazy walks along the alleys, sitting in cafes and leisure on tennis courts, attractions and riding horses.

#6in ChernobylUSSR 16-story building in ChernobylUSSR 16-story building in Chernobyl

One of the few sixteen-story buildings built in Pripyat. if you rise up here, you can see the city as on the palm of your hand.

#1in KievAndrew's Descent in KievAndrew's Descent in Kiev

Montmartre of Kiev, the main street of the city, the concentration of talented and creative people, and also home to a variety of museums and galleries.

#7in ChernobylChernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in ChernobylChernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Chernobyl

The Chernobyl disaster was the worst nuclear catastrophe in history. Now the deserted station is surrounded by Zone of Exclusion 30 kilometres radius.

#8in ChernobylPolissya Hotel in ChernobylPolissya Hotel in Chernobyl

The abandoned Polissya Hotel in the center of a Pripyat ghost town, where in April 1986 the liquidators of the accident were based.

#4in LvivKryivka in LvivKryivka in Lviv

To get into this autentic place you obviously need to know the password, because if you do not answer, you will be shot on the spot!

#5in LvivLviv High CastleLviv High Castle in Lviv

By the way, this mountain is not that hight, and the castle was destroyed long time ago - only ruins left, but the view from its top is absolutely amazing.

#2in KievMother Motherland in KievMother Motherland in Kiev

Monument that towering over the city, you can find in the "Museum of History of Ukraine in World War II", and on the top of it is the observation deck.

#9in ChernobylAzure Swimming Pool in ChernobylAzure Swimming Pool in Chernobyl

Before the catastrophe, Azure Swimming Pool was a very beautiful place. Here the townspeople and visitors of the city came to swim and relax.

#10in ChernobylCemetery of barges and abandoned ships in ChernobylCemetery of barges and abandoned ships in Chernobyl

Chernobyl backwater - a place where, before the accident, old ships were collected for disposal or repair, turned into a cemetery of radioactive barges and ships.

#11in ChernobylAmusement park in ChernobylAmusement park in Chernobyl

An amazingly tempting and simultaneously frightening place, which has become popular thank to many games and movies - is truly worthy of its reputation.

#12in ChernobylBuryakovka machinery graveyard in ChernobylBuryakovka machinery graveyard in Chernobyl

By the influence of time and weather, the surfaces of objects at the cemetery became rusty, look gloomy and sad.

#13in ChernobylNew Sarcophagus in ChernobylNew Sarcophagus in Chernobyl

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant's fourth reactor is now saftly isolated by New Safe Confinement, covering the first sarcophagus - Shelter Object.

#14in ChernobylNPP observation deck in ChernobylNPP observation deck in Chernobyl

You can see the sarcophagus, which is covering the fourth reactor, and the other parts of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant right from here.

#3in KievKiev Pechersk Lavra in KievKiev Pechersk Lavra in Kiev

One of the largest monastery in the world, and the very first in Kievan Rus. There is territory for tourists here, and the territory for monks on the other side of the monastery.

#15in ChernobylCanteen #19 in ChernobylCanteen #19 in Chernobyl

At the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant canteen comes station staf and separate groups of tourists and travelers.

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