Kryivka in Lviv

To get into this autentic place you obviously need to know the password, because if you do not answer, you will be shot on the spot!


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Kryivka is an authentic Ukrainian cafe in the basement of the residential building with stone walls, massive oak tables, wooden stools, Ukrainian cuisine and a nationalist waiting for you at the entrance door.

Kryivka, Lviv
Photo: Kryivka

To go inside you need to know a password. The face control at the entrance will say to you: "Slava Ukrayini" (it means "Glory to Ukraine!"), and you must answer "Heroyam Slava!" (Glory to the heroes!). So learn how to spell it or wait for trouble :)

In fact, of course nothing bad happens, but a kind of ritual will immediately immerse you into the atmosphere of the unique institution.

Kryivka, Lviv
Photo: Kryivka

Dinner for two will cost from 200 to 400 hryvnias.

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Benzinovka is a signature Lviv drink with a strange name, that sometimes misleads inexperienced travelers.

How much: from 14 hryvnias#unusual#authentic#cuisineKryivka
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Kryivka on the map

Location: Market Square, 14.

Open hours

round the clock every day.


Phone: +38 095 260 4546


Guest20 July 2017

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