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#1in CoyhaiqueGeneral Carrera LakeGeneral Carrera Lake in Coyhaique

The lake surrounded with the Patagonian Andes is located on the border of Argentina and Chile. The lake is known for its marble caves that can reach 30 meters in depth. Get to here from Puerto Rio Tranquilo by boat.

#0in San Pedro de AtacamaEl Tatio GeysersEl Tatio Geysers in San Pedro de Atacama

Geyser valley that has more than 80 active springs is situated in the Atacama Desert - 90 kilometers south from San Pedro de Atacama town. The road to the place is rough, so you'd better take a tour bus.

#0on Easter IslandRano Raraku quarryRano Raraku quarry on Easter Island

Rano Raraku is located 20 kilometers eastward from Hanga Roa. The place is well-known for Moai figures. It is open from 9:30am till 6pm. Entrance ticket (you can buy one only at the airport or at CANAF office) is $60.

#0on Easter IslandAnakena beachAnakena beach on Easter Island

One of a few beaches where it is allowed to swim is a 30-minute drive from Hanga Roa. You can come here for all day long - there is a parking lot and a few cafes. The most favourable season is from December till April.

#0on Easter IslandOvahe BeachOvahe Beach on Easter Island

Ovahe beach is a 18-kilometer drive northeast from Hanga Roa and a 15-minute walk from Anakena beach. There is no lifeguard stands, no cafes and no toilet facilities as officially is not suitable for swimming.

#0on Easter IslandAna Kakenga caveAna Kakenga cave on Easter Island

The cave is located in the west coastline of the island. The entrance is a small hole in the ground. Inside the hole there is a path divided into two divergent corridors that end in two openings with view of the ocean.

#0in La SerenaValle de ElquiValle de Elqui in La Serena

The valley is located 70 kilometers eastward from La Serena. The place is known for its vineyards and wineries, the clearest sky to go stargazing.

#0in VicunaMamalluca ObservatoryMamalluca Observatory in Vicuna

The observatory is located 9 kilometers northwest from Vicuna. It is open around the clock, entrance ticket is 7000 pesos. Except for 12-inch telescope here you'll find a diner and a souvenir shop.

#0on Easter IslandRano Kau volcanoRano Kau volcano on Easter Island

200 000-year-old crater of extinct volcano is located in the southwest of Easter Island - 3 kilometers from Mataveri International Airport. There are 7 lakes and Orongo ceremonial village on its territory.

#0on Easter IslandOrongo ceremonial villageOrongo ceremonial village on Easter Island

In the west of Rano Kau crater Rapa Nui people build a ceremonial village to elect a headman. To get here go along the edge of the crater from Mirador Rano Kau.

#0on Easter IslandAna Te Pahu CaveAna Te Pahu Cave on Easter Island

Ana Te Pahu is located on the foothill of the Maunga Terevaka, one and a half kilometer northward from Akivi. You'll see a wooden gate with a sign saying Las cuevas Te Pahu - there are stairs to descend to the cave.

#0on Easter IslandTe Pito te Henua ceremonial centreTe Pito te Henua ceremonial centre on Easter Island

It is located 26 km northeastward from Hanga Roa. The place is famous for a one-meter-in-diameter stone that is considered to be the Navel of the World.

#0in San Pedro de AtacamaThe Atacama DesertThe Atacama Desert in San Pedro de Atacama

The driest place on Earth is located on the north of Chile - 90 km west-south from San Pedro de Atacama. The most favorable period to come here is from April till December.

#0in PuconTermas GeometricasTermas Geometricas in Pucon

Termas are located 60 kilometers from Pucon. There is no regular transport running to the place, you can take a taxi or join an excursion group. It's open daily from 11am till 8pm. Taking a bath is about $30 for adults.

#0in AlgarroboSan Alfonso del MarSan Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo

San Alfonso del Mar is a private resort located 3 kilometers northward from Algarrobo city. It is known for one of the world's largest swimming-pools that holds 250 million liters of water and occupies an area of 8 hectares.

#0in AlgarroboBaha’i Temple of South AmericaBaha’i Temple of South America in Algarrobo

It is located 19 km from the centre, in Penalolen commune. It is open till 6pm on weekdays, and till 8pm on weekends. You can get by bus leaving from Grecia metro station.

#0in IquiqueHumberstoneHumberstone in Iquique

The ghost town is located 48 kilometers eastward from Iquique city. To get to the abandoned town you can take an excursion or take a bus. Every year in November you can visit a festival here.

#0in ValparaisoRobinson Crusoe IslandRobinson Crusoe Island in Valparaiso

One of three islands of the Juan Fernandez Archipelago is located 600 kilometers from Santiago. It is a 2-hour flight from the capital city or a 30-48-hour voyage from Valparaíso leaving for the island only a few times a month.

#0in PuconVillarrica volcanoVillarrica volcano in Pucon

One of the most active stratovolcanoes in South America is located in the national park of the same name - 20 kilometers southward from Pucon. From July till September there is a ski resort on the north slope of the volcano.

#0in AricaLauca National ParkLauca National Park in Arica

The park is located 145 kilometers eastward from Arica city. The park is known for picturesque lakes, volcanoes and caves. You can join an excursion for $38 to get to the park.

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