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What to see on Easter Island —
8 places to visit

7things to doon Easter Island

8 places to visit on Easter Island

#0Rano Raraku quarryRano Raraku quarry

Rano Raraku is located 20 kilometers eastward from Hanga Roa. The place is well-known for Moai figures. It is open from 9:30am till 6pm. Entrance ticket (you can buy one only at the airport or at CANAF office) is $60.

#0Anakena beachAnakena beach

One of a few beaches where it is allowed to swim is a 30-minute drive from Hanga Roa. You can come here for all day long - there is a parking lot and a few cafes. The most favourable season is from December till April.

#0Ovahe BeachOvahe Beach

Ovahe beach is a 18-kilometer drive northeast from Hanga Roa and a 15-minute walk from Anakena beach. There is no lifeguard stands, no cafes and no toilet facilities as officially is not suitable for swimming.

#0Ana Kakenga caveAna Kakenga cave

The cave is located in the west coastline of the island. The entrance is a small hole in the ground. Inside the hole there is a path divided into two divergent corridors that end in two openings with view of the ocean.

#0Rano Kau volcanoRano Kau volcano

200 000-year-old crater of extinct volcano is located in the southwest of Easter Island - 3 kilometers from Mataveri International Airport. There are 7 lakes and Orongo ceremonial village on its territory.

#0Orongo ceremonial villageOrongo ceremonial village

In the west of Rano Kau crater Rapa Nui people build a ceremonial village to elect a headman. To get here go along the edge of the crater from Mirador Rano Kau.

#0Ana Te Pahu CaveAna Te Pahu Cave

Ana Te Pahu is located on the foothill of the Maunga Terevaka, one and a half kilometer northward from Akivi. You'll see a wooden gate with a sign saying Las cuevas Te Pahu - there are stairs to descend to the cave.

#0Te Pito te Henua ceremonial centreTe Pito te Henua ceremonial centre

It is located 26 km northeastward from Hanga Roa. The place is famous for a one-meter-in-diameter stone that is considered to be the Navel of the World.

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