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What to do on Easter Island —
7 things to do

8places to visiton Easter Island

7 things to do on Easter Island

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#1Try Curanto on Easter IslandTry Curantooddviser

Shellfish, smoked boned pork, beef, sausages, potatoes and potato pancakes Milcaos are cooked in a big pit with red-hot stones on the bottom.

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#2Watch the sunset from the cave on Easter IslandWatch the sunset from the caveoddviser

Ana Kakenga cave's "windows" face west. Take a head torch and descend into the hole to witness splendid sunset.

FREEAna Kakenga cave
#3Take a bike ride around the Island on Easter IslandTake a bike ride around the Islandoddviser

Easter Island is small. You can bike its entire territory in a day enjoying its sights. Bike rentals go around $13 per day.

#4Try Pastel de choclo on Easter IslandTry Pastel de choclooddviser

The dish is made in a special clay bowl. They put minced beef, raisins, onions and boiled eggs. Then all the ingredients are covered with sweetcorn paste and placed in the oven.

#5See stone figures Moai on Easter IslandSee stone figures Moaioddviser

15 main Moai figures out of 800 in Rano Raraku crater stand on the coast near the near the cliffs of Poike.

CLP 37000Rano Raraku quarry
#6Look into a volcano throat on Easter IslandLook into a volcano throatoddviser

Take a walk along Rano Kau path to Mirador Reno Kau station to see the unique ecosystem at the bottom of the crater.

FREERano Kau volcano
#7Find the Navel of the World on Easter IslandFind the Navel of the Worldoddviser

1-meter-in-diameter stone that lies in the west part of the island is considered to be the Navel of the World.

FREETe Pito te Henua ceremonial centre
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