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What to see in Switzerland —
15 places to visit

19things to doin Switzerland

15 places to visit in Switzerland


#1in ZurichLindenhof hillLindenhof hill in Zurich

On the top of the hill there is a lime tree garden of XV century with a view of the river, also you'll find here ruins of ancient Roman palace.

#1in SchwyzHoch-Ybrig Holiday and Sports centerHoch-Ybrig Holiday and Sports center in Schwyz

Here is skiing in the winter, and in the summer, riding on the most fearful rope road.

#2in ZurichBellevue tram stopBellevue tram stop in Zurich

Besides regular trams, one where you can taste fondue during the ride departs from this stop as well.

#3in ZurichFreitag towerFreitag tower in Zurich

The tower is constructed from 19 transport containers. On first four floors you'll find a store with tarpaulin bags, and an observation platform on the roof.

#4in ZurichUBS Polybahn funicularUBS Polybahn funicular in Zurich

Lower stop of the UBS Polybahn funicular is located in the residential building of 1888 year built; the entrance is next to Starbucks.

#5in ZurichAirportAirport in Zurich

The busiest airport of Western Europe with only three landing strips. It is 11-minute train-ride from centre.

#2in SchwyzStoosbahn funicularStoosbahn funicular in Schwyz

The world's most fast moving funicular runs in resort town of Schwyz. It takes the funicular 4 minutes to run along 1740-meter rail way with decline of 50°. 4-hour one-use ticket costs 42 francs.

#6in ZurichSt. Peter ChurchSt. Peter Church in Zurich

This is the oldest church in Zurich with the biggest in Europe clock set on its tower.

#7in ZurichTown hallTown hall in Zurich

3-floor town hall was constructed in XVII century on the Limmat river's bank. The city council had been holding sessions here till 1978; today it is the museum of history.

#8in ZurichConfiserie SprüngliConfiserie Sprüngli in Zurich

Family business that has been making chocolate of the highest quality for more than 175 years. During this time 1 200 different chocolate confectioneries have been made.

#9in ZurichDinosaur MuseumDinosaur Museum in Zurich

The museum holds 1275 exhibit items. Petrified remains of dinosaur jaws and eggs were found during excavations in the museum.

#10in ZurichThe Limmat riverThe Limmat river in Zurich

The river flows out of Lake Zurich and goes through the old city. Excursion water tram runs down the Limmat every day.

#11in ZurichBeyer Clock and Watch MuseumBeyer Clock and Watch Museum in Zurich

Basement of Beyer Chronometrie vintage shop holds the museum. It's devoted to clocks history starting from 1400 AD.

#12in ZurichSwiss National museumSwiss National museum in Zurich

Looking at the exhibit items that are displayed on four floors of the museum, you can easily get acquainted with the history of Switzerland.

#13in ZurichGrossmünsterGrossmünster in Zurich

Former monastery church is one of the major churches of Zurich along with the Fraumünster and St. Peterskirche.

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