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What to see in Greece —
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62 places to visit in Greece


#1on RhodesAcropolis of Lindos on RhodesAcropolis of Lindos on Rhodes

In the Acropolis of Lindos, that is as famous as the Acropolis of Athens, you can walk among ancient columns, see how the archaeologists work and touch history.

#1on CreteKournas lake on CreteKournas lake on Crete

Beautiful freshwater lake surrounded by a mountain landscape, creating a special atmosphere of seclusion and isolation from the rest of the world.

#2on CreteThe Gorge of Aradena on CreteThe Gorge of Aradena on Crete

Near the abandoned village is the gorge, which stretches to the coast of the Libyan Sea, and many desperate travelers can walk through it.

#2on RhodesStreet of the Knights of Saint John on RhodesStreet of the Knights of Saint John on Rhodes

The centre of medieval Rhodes, a paved street, stretching from the main port of the city to the majestic Palace of the Grand Masters.

#3on RhodesFilerimos mountain on RhodesFilerimos mountain on Rhodes

On top of this mountain are a Catholic monastery, orthodox church, the path "the way to Calvary" and the beautiful panoramic area.

#3on CreteFortress of Spinalonga on CreteFortress of Spinalonga on Crete

Built to defend the island, the castle turned it into an impregnable area, but now there is just a ruin, from which you can see the bay and Crete.

#5on CretePsychro Cave on CretePsychro Cave on Crete

Visit the most famous cave in Crete, where according to legend, small Zeus with his mother hid from his tyrannical father.

#4on CreteThe Leper Island Spinalonga on CreteThe Leper Island Spinalonga on Crete

A former leper colony, this island has preserved only the ruins of a once-powerful fortress and abandoned houses of leprosy patients.

#8on CreteRichtis waterfall on CreteRichtis waterfall on Crete

Treasure of Richtis Gorge, this waterfall is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece, but to reach it, you need to overcome a long way through the gorge.

#6on CreteSaint Nikolas church on CreteSaint Nikolas church on Crete

The snow-white church on a low cliff is seen from afar, it is a path from rough stones, and from it opens the magic views of the surroundings.

#5on RhodesOstrich Farm & Park on RhodesOstrich Farm & Park on Rhodes

Hilarious fun for the whole family, there are farm and zoo here, where in addition to ostriches are monkeys, donkeys, kangaroos, goats and camels.

#7on CreteKnossos Palace on CreteKnossos Palace on Crete

The most famous landmark of Crete depicted on all the postcards and souvenirs, the place where according to legend was the Minotaur maze.

#4on RhodesMonolithos Castle on RhodesMonolithos Castle on Rhodes

Castle merged with the hill, on which it is located. Now here are only ruins from the castle, but here you can still find a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.

#6on RhodesThe Valley of the Butterflies on RhodesThe Valley of the Butterflies on Rhodes

Nature Reserve, the famous landmark of Rhodes, where on the trunks of trees you will see live butterflies Arctiidae, and the air is saturated with vanilla.

#8on RhodesBee Museum on RhodesBee Museum on Rhodes

In the village of Pastida is an unusual museum, which tells all about beekeeping, and you can watch the bees through the glass of the transparent beehive.

#7on RhodesThe Acropolis of Rhodes on RhodesThe Acropolis of Rhodes on Rhodes

Acropolis will delight history lovers a beautiful amphitheatre, where studied Cicero, a luxurious temple of the Pythian Apollo and the ancient stadium.

#9on CreteKotsifos Gorge on CreteKotsifos Gorge on Crete

If you want to reach this picturesque gorge, you need to overcome a long way through another famous and marvelous Cretan gorge.

#11on CreteElafonisi island on CreteElafonisi island on Crete

The small island separated from Crete for a hundred meters, and it is considered a haven away from the noise of city streets.

#10on CreteSkotino Cave on CreteSkotino Cave on Crete

Beautiful and unguarded cave, where only rare travelers come and where stalactites and stalagmites form fanciful shapes.

#9on RhodesSt. Pauls Bay on RhodesSt. Pauls Bay on Rhodes

The secret place of Lindos, it is hidden from view by high cliffs and offers a quiet vacation on the coast surrounded by pristine nature and swimming in the emerald waters.

#1in AthensSyntagma Square in AthensSyntagma Square in Athens

The central square of the city, from where you can easily get all the main attractions of Athens, also here you can see how the Evzones detachment changes their watch.

#12on CreteSkinaria Beach on CreteSkinaria Beach on Crete

One and the best places in Crete for snorkeling and diving with fishes. Underwater canyons make diving especially interesting.

#13on CreteGlyka Nera Beach on CreteGlyka Nera Beach on Crete

Hidden away from the prying eyes of rocks and cliffs, Glyka Nera beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world due to its well-groomed and close freshwater supply.

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