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What to see in Kefalinia —
4 places to visit

4things to doin Kefalinia

4 places to visit in Kefalinia

#1Saint Gerasimos Monastery in KefaliniaSaint Gerasimos Monastery

Saint Gerasim is considered the patron of the island of Kefalonia. In his honor a monastery was built, where his relics rest.

#2Petani beach in KefaliniaPetani beach

To get paradize delight go to Petani beach. Rocky mountains, crystal clear turquoise water and white sandy beach. It is a real proof that the paradize exists.

#3Dragon CaveDragon Cave

The Stalactite Cave of the Dragon on the island of Kefalinia has existed for more than ten million years. Live music concerts are also held here due to its perfect acoustic.

#4Wild beach Dafnoudi in KefaliniaWild beach Dafnoudi

A small beach Dafnaudi on the island of Kefalinia is hidden from the tourist's eye and looks like a secret harbor. Not many people know about it.

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