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Psychro Cave on Crete

Visit the most famous cave in Crete, where according to legend, small Zeus with his mother hid from his tyrannical father.


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Psychro Cave

#5 of 30 places to visit on Crete
Psychro Cave, or Diktaean Cave is located in the mountains above the Lasithi plateau. Small path leads to it out of the valley, and the cave is located on more than a thousand meters above sea level.

According to legend, Ray and her son Zeus hid in this Psychro Cave from Kronos, who, fearing the prophecy about his son, who will overthrow him, became devour all his children, and only Zeus could escape from him.

The Psychro Cave consists of an entrance hall, where is the altar and the main hall. In the depths of the cave there is an underground lake.

You can reach the depth of the Psychro Cave by rail stairs, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, purchasing fancy shapes under artificial light.

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Ride on a donkey on Crete
Eugene 2KRide on a donkey#12 of 30 things to do on Crete

If you want to climb to the entrance of the cave of Zeus, you can ride on a little donkey, which will carry you to the entrance of the cave for a few minutes.

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Visit the cave of Zeus on Crete
Eugene 2KVisit the cave of Zeus#22 of 30 things to do on Crete

Visit the birthplace of Zeus the Thunderer, and you will see how many centuries ago Greeks brought gifts to their main god.

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