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57 places to visit in Spain


#1in MadridRoyal Palace of Madrid in MadridRoyal Palace of Madrid in Madrid

The residence of the Kings of Spain, where you can look at the decoration of the luxurious rooms, see works of famous painters, and once a month see the changing of the guard.

#2in MadridLas Ventas in MadridLas Ventas in Madrid

Las Ventas bullring is one of the biggest and most famous bullring in the world, all bullfighters in the world want to be on this arena.

#4in MadridPuerta del Sol in MadridPuerta del Sol in Madrid

The central area of the city where is a zero kilometer, all roads of Madrid begin, and where is a symbol of the city - the bear with strawberry tree.

#3in MadridThe Roof Bar in MadridThe Roof Bar in Madrid

The bar is located at the top of the hotel Melia and is considered bohemian place where you can meet the "golden youth" of Madrid and find the coolest parties in town.

#1in BarcelonaPark Guell in BarcelonaPark Guell in Barcelona

Park decorated with the creative hand of the architect Gaudi, which gave the park the surrealistic motives till this days surprises with its beauty and originality.

#6in MadridDebod Temple in MadridDebod Temple in Madrid

The unique building for Spain, which was built in Egypt about 2000 years ago and was dedicated to the goddess Isis. Now it is located in the West Park.

#5in MadridTartan Roof Restaurant in MadridTartan Roof Restaurant in Madrid

The restaurant on the roof of the Círculo de Bellas Artes with incredible views of Madrid and the excellent cuisine of different countries.

#8in MadridSabatini Gardens in MadridSabatini Gardens in Madrid

Located on the site of the former stables, the gardens are made in French style, and considered to be a decoration of the Royal Palace.

#3in BarcelonaLa Rambla in BarcelonaLa Rambla in Barcelona

The main pedestrian street of the city, a kind of Mecca for travellers who want to feel the rhythm of the city and see the life of locals.

#2in BarcelonaBarceloneta Beach in BarcelonaBarceloneta Beach in Barcelona

The best sandy beach of Barcelona, a favourite place of young people and married couples. Here you can do sports or just relax on a comfortable sunbed.

#4in BarcelonaThe Labyrinth Park Horta in BarcelonaThe Labyrinth Park Horta in Barcelona

The Labyrinth Park Horta is a model of garden art of the 18-19th centuries and true oasis away from the bubbling center of Barcelona as well.

#7in MadridBotin Restaurant in MadridBotin Restaurant in Madrid

The oldest restaurant in the world, where worked as a waiter Goya, and at one table wrote books Ernest Hemingway.

#9in MadridCirculo de Bellas Artes in MadridCirculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid

It is located on the main street of Madrid - Gran Via, this building is not very popular among traveler and not all inhabitants of Madrid are aware of its existence.

#1in SevilleLa Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas in SevilleLa Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas in Seville

Spend a few days in the park - watch the sea lions' show, stroll through the reserve and have a nap in a bungalow.

#6in BarcelonaGracia Quarter in BarcelonaGracia Quarter in Barcelona

The youth quarter in Barcelona, mostly populated by the bohemian, every summer becomes a carnival and bright scenery place for the week.

#2in SevillePlaza de Toros de la Maestranza in SevillePlaza de Toros de la Maestranza in Seville

The Maestranza bullfighting arena is a famous place where you can see the corrida. And the museum of corrida is also located here.

#10in MadridLighthouse of Moncloa in MadridLighthouse of Moncloa in Madrid

A notable TV tower is hundred meters high and provides the best views of the city from its observation deck.

#5in BarcelonaCanaletes Fountain in BarcelonaCanaletes Fountain in Barcelona

The most favourite fountain among locals, you can drink water from it and then you will certainly return again in Barcelona.

#7in BarcelonaTibidabo mountainTibidabo mountain in Barcelona

The mountain is located at an altitude of 512 meters above sea and it's the highest point of Barcelona famous for the Temple of the Sacred Heart and the amusement park.

#11in MadridSquare of Spain in MadridSquare of Spain in Madrid

This is the main square of Madrid, the largest square in Spain and the place where the most beautiful buildings of the city are located.

#12in MadridParque del Oeste in MadridParque del Oeste in Madrid

In Oeste Park, in front of the Plaza of Spain, you can ride a cable car, stroll among the roses and see the Egyptian temple that was built 4 centuries ago.

#1in ValenciaCatedral de ValenciaCatedral de Valencia in Valencia

The main cathedral of Valencia represents a variety of architectural styles from the Romanesque to Neoclassicism. Here you will find the Grail and Goya paintings.

#8in BarcelonaColumbus Monument in BarcelonaColumbus Monument in Barcelona

Monument stands on an area of Portal de la Pau, near the city's port, where Columbus' ships were moored after his discovery of the New World.

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