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#1in BarcelonaYour first date with BarcelonaYour first date with Barcelona

Taking the uniquely arranged excursion you'll get acquainted with Barcelona as it really is and find out all the necessary life hacks travelling around.

#2in BarcelonaThe Gothic Quarter's secretsThe Gothic Quarter's secrets

Find out how the heart of Catalonia's capital looked like two thousand years ago - before the warriors, architectural strife and manipulation of the city authorities.

#3in BarcelonaBiking in BarcelonaBiking in Barcelona

Choose the fascinating bike ride instead of two-day walking tour of Barcelona, which will take only a few hours to watch all the main sightseeing spots.

#4in BarcelonaThe whole truth about the independence of CataloniaThe whole truth about the independence of Catalonia

During the excursion you'll find out why Barcelona doesn't rate itself as a part of Spain and what the Catalan language is.