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What to see in Seville —
9 places to visit

14things to doin Seville

9 places to visit in Seville

#1La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas in SevilleLa Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas

Spend a few days in the park - watch the sea lions' show, stroll through the reserve and have a nap in a bungalow.

#2Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza in SevillePlaza de Toros de la Maestranza

The Maestranza bullfighting arena is a famous place where you can see the corrida. And the museum of corrida is also located here.


Guadalquivir or you can just call it the "big river", as it is translated from Arabic language, is the main waterway of Seville.

#4Santa-Cruz quarter in SevilleSanta-Cruz quarter

Santa-Cruz quarter is the oldest and the most authentic neighborhood in Seville. Here you can really get soaked with true Spanish flavor.

#5Isla Magica amusement park in SevilleIsla Magica amusement park

The largest amusement park in Europe with its own life full of happiness and joy, with fountains, parks, fun attractions right in middle of the city.

#6Spain Square in SevilleSpain Square

Spain Square is a mastepiece of art indeed! It is the most colorful modern place of interest in Seville.

#7The Real Alcázar in SevilleThe Real Alcázar

The Alcazar Palace was built by the Moors over 600 years ago. Currently, it's the oldest royal residence in the world that is still in use.

#8El Jueves flea market in SevilleEl Jueves flea market

If you want to haggle and buy some ancient things of hot and passionate Spain, El Jueves flea market is a right place you need.

#9Corta AtalayaCorta Atalaya

Mineral mining that lasted for 3 milleniums formed lots of open pits. To get to Corta Atalaya go to Nerva village in north-west of Seville, find a sign saying Turismo - from here trains run to the place.

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