La Rambla in Barcelona

The main pedestrian street of the city, a kind of Mecca for travellers who want to feel the rhythm of the city and see the life of locals.


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La Rambla

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La Rambla has five areas, that are stretched into one long street. The boulevard leads from the Catalonia Square (Plaça de Catalunya) to the city's port, where is a majestic monument to Christopher Columbus.

On both sides of the La Rambla are located ancient buildings of 14-18 centuries, you can find here the Poliorama Theatre (Teatre Poliorama), the Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem (Iglesia de Belén), the Virreina Palace (Palacio de la Virreina) and La Boqueria market (Mercat de la Boqueria).

Here travellers can take a selfie with a living statue, buy fresh fruits on the market, buy magnets and souvenirs. And in the evening you can walk along the lighted boulevard, hear the music by street performers and find out what is the real Spain.

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Drink water from a Canaletes fountain in Barcelona
oddviser Drink water from a Canaletes fountain#2 of 4 things to do in Barcelona

If you want to come back to Barcelona - make a wish near the fountain and it will come true!

How much: free#authentic#free#strollingCanaletes Fountain
Take a walk through La Rambla in Barcelona
María Alejandra Take a walk through La Rambla#3 of 4 things to do in Barcelona

You must visit the most important street of Barcelona - the calling card of this city, where you can see a real Spain.

How much: free#strolling#freeLa Rambla
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Location: La Rambla, Barcelona


Guest23 May 2017

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Columbus Monument
Columbus Monument#3 of 3 places to visit in Barcelona

Monument stands on an area of Portal de la Pau, near the city's port, where Columbus' ships were moored after his discovery of the New World.

Canaletes Fountain
Canaletes Fountain#1 of 3 places to visit in Barcelona

The most favourite fountain among locals, you can drink water from it and then you will certainly return again in Barcelona.

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