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What to see in Valencia —
8 places to visit

10things to doin Valencia

8 places to visit in Valencia

#1Catedral de ValenciaCatedral de Valencia

The main cathedral of Valencia represents a variety of architectural styles from the Romanesque to Neoclassicism. Here you will find the Grail and Goya paintings.

#2City of Arts and Sciences in ValenciaCity of Arts and Sciences

A small futuristic miracle, the unique Spanish town of the future is striking with an unlimited opportunity to amaze and expand consciousness.

#3Parque Natural de la Albufera in ValenciaParque Natural de la Albufera

In the lagoon of the Parque Natural de la Albufera, about 350 species of birds, as well as freshwater from the Red Book, have been sheltered.

#4Miguelete TowerMiguelete Tower

The tower of the Cathedral of Valencia used to be a city lighthouse and a place for launching fireworks, as well as a bell tower.

#5The Turia Gardens in ValenciaThe Turia Gardens

The Gardens of the Tiria river is 110 hectares of beaty and tranquillity, exciting entertainments and cooling down lakes to unwind and get relaxed.

#6Port Saplaya in ValenciaPort Saplaya

Valencia seaport is one of the biggest in Spain. It is the place where not only vessels moor, but it is also a perfect place for people to stroll.

#7Plaza de Toros de ValenciaPlaza de Toros de Valencia

Every year, from March to October, the corrida is held here, and in the evenings hot parties are hanging out. The arena accommodates up to 16,000 spectators.

#8El Barrio del CarmenEl Barrio del Carmen

In the oldest quarter of Valencia, visitors usually drink coffee here and visit the historical museum, and in the evening salsa parties are lit up and the flamenco master dances.

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