City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

A small futuristic miracle, the unique Spanish town of the future is striking with an unlimited opportunity to amaze and expand consciousness.


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City of Arts and Sciences

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A unique complex where amazing, newest cultural and scientific achievements and masterpieces are collected. A modern city with a unique architecture, perfectly fits into the panorama of the ancient city of Valencia. Whimsical paths, greenhouses, a cinema, a planetarium, tropical plants, an aquarium with exotic fish, in general, you can find everything in this incredible place...

Thousands of tourists come to wander through the vast expanses, to learn all sorts of aspects of science, culture, art and new technologies, to explor an amazing world created to discover new world and give bright impressions and unforgettable experience. To touch and operate all the exhibits here is not just possible, but vital.

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Ride on Gulliver in the city of the arts and the sciences in Valencia
Наталья ГригорьеваRide on Gulliver in the city of the arts and the sciences#6 of 10 things to do in Valencia

In the city of the future you will find an amazing children's playground in the shape of Gulliver.

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Location: del Professor López Piñero avenue, 7

Open hours

From 10:00 am to 06:00 pm. Sunday is a day off.


Official website: https://www.cac.es
Phone: +34 902 10 00 31


Guest20 July 2017

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