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What to see in Croatia —
36 places to visit

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36 places to visit in Croatia


#1in DubrovnikDubrovnik Cable Car in DubrovnikDubrovnik Cable Car in Dubrovnik

The only cable car on the Adriatic coast runs between the Old Town and the peak of the Mount Srdj which is at the height of 405 meters above sea.

#1in ZagrebPlitvice Lakes National Park in ZagrebPlitvice Lakes National Park in Zagreb

Unique Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in the centre of Croatia. The fairytale beauty of waterfalls and lakes, rich flora and fauna attracts travellers from all over the world.

#2in DubrovnikDubrovnik City Walls in DubrovnikDubrovnik City Walls in Dubrovnik

The main point of interest of Dubrovnik is picturesque defensive stone wall that was built around the Old Town and became a military fort.

#3in DubrovnikStradun (Placa) street in DubrovnikStradun (Placa) street in Dubrovnik

The most famous and popular street in Dubrovnik connects two main entrances to the Old Town - Pile Gate and Ploče Gate.

#4in DubrovnikSrđ mountain in DubrovnikSrđ mountain in Dubrovnik

413 meters high mountain offers bird's-eye views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic coast. There are two viewpoints, Civil War Museum, a restaurant and an amphitheater here.

#5in DubrovnikLokrum Island in DubrovnikLokrum Island in Dubrovnik

The small island located 700 meters away from Dubrovnik is a perfect place for a quiet weekend. You will enjoy its beautiful nature and stunning views around.

#6in DubrovnikThe Dead Sea in DubrovnikThe Dead Sea in Dubrovnik

A small lake on the Island of Lokrum has its gloomy name because of the salt water - in fact it is a picturesque place with clean seawater.

#7in DubrovnikBuža Beach in DubrovnikBuža Beach in Dubrovnik

This unusual multilevel rocky beach is located right at the foot of the City Wall of Dubrovnik on the southern coast of the city.

#8in DubrovnikCafe Buža in DubrovnikCafe Buža in Dubrovnik

A tiny cafe on a rocky shore of Dubrovnik with a poor menu consisting of beer, wine and soft drinks only and high prices, which is definitely worth visiting :)

#9in DubrovnikPark OrsulaPark Orsula in Dubrovnik

The park located on a rock 200 meters above sea level offers stunning views of the Old Town and nearby islands as well as unique cultural performances.

#10in DubrovnikNude Beach on Lokrum Island in DubrovnikNude Beach on Lokrum Island in Dubrovnik

A secluded rocky beach, where you can sunbathe on the slanting rocks, which are equipped with stair descent to the sea.

#11in DubrovnikLarge Onofrio's Fountain in DubrovnikLarge Onofrio's Fountain in Dubrovnik

Beautiful ancient fountain in the old part of Dubrovnik was once a part of the unique system of water supply. Even now you can drink spring water here!

#13in DubrovnikFort Royal in DubrovnikFort Royal in Dubrovnik

The fortress on the top of a high hill on Lokrum Island was built by the French occupiers in 1808. You can enjoy great views from here!

#12in DubrovnikPanorama Restaurant in DubrovnikPanorama Restaurant in Dubrovnik

It is located on the upper embarkation point of the cable car station at the top of the Srđ Mountain. You can enjoy beautiful views and the Mediterranean cuisine here.

#2in ZagrebGornji Grad in ZagrebGornji Grad in Zagreb

Historical area in the heart of the capital, where all the oldest temples, cathedrals and other cultural attractions of Zagreb are gathered.

#14in DubrovnikArboretum Trsteno in DubrovnikArboretum Trsteno in Dubrovnik

Do you want to visit the incredible, wild and beautiful garden of the Royal Harbor? Then you should definitely visit the Trsteno arboretum.

#15in DubrovnikBetina Cave Beach in DubrovnikBetina Cave Beach in Dubrovnik

This tiny secret beach is located directly in the rock and you can reach it only from the sea by boat or kayak. It's unusual, beautiful and tranquil.

#3in ZagrebMuseum of Broken RelationshipsMuseum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb

Extraordinary museum where you can erase bad memories of unsuccessful relationships and drown the grief in cold beer.

#16in DubrovnikKula Minceta in DubrovnikKula Minceta in Dubrovnik

The Minceta Tower played an important role in the history of the city, and in the Game of Thrones it was not assigned the last role of the House of the Immortals.

#17in DubrovnikSaint Jakov Beach in DubrovnikSaint Jakov Beach in Dubrovnik

Locals adore this small pebble and sandy beach. In addition to the Mediterranean suntan, you'll get a beautiful view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and Lokrum Island.

#18in DubrovnikJesuits staircase in DubrovnikJesuits staircase in Dubrovnik

The staircase from the fifth season of Game of Thrones: here Queen Cersei held the walk of shame returning to the Red Keep and passing "redemption".

#19in DubrovnikGradac Park in DubrovnikGradac Park in Dubrovnik

Here, among the green alleys and murmuring fountains, the royal wedding of Joffrey and Margery took place in "The Game of Thrones."

#20in DubrovnikDubrovnik Cathedral in DubrovnikDubrovnik Cathedral in Dubrovnik

A Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Old Town of Dubrovnik was built at the place of the ancient Basilica, and has faced with many disasters since then.

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