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Gornji Gradin Zagreb, Croatia

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Historical area in the heart of the capital, where all the oldest temples, cathedrals and other cultural attractions of Zagreb are gathered.
Gornji Grad, Zagreb
The area of ​​Gornji Grad, or whatever it is called Medveščak, is unique and also is the oldest district in Zagreb. In addition, it collected all the historical and cultural buildings, such as the famous cathedral, the Parliament, the Church of Saint Mark, the old Zagreb theater and Mirogoj - the most beautiful and largest cemetery in the whole Croatia, where a lot of monuments and statues to famous Croats are located.

Mirogoj Cemetery
Photo: Mirogoj Cemetery
Park in the Gornji GradPhoto: Park in the Gornji Grad

Along the old streets among the colorful houses, along the ornate staircase it is always pleasant to walk around any time of the day. All day long in the park you can meet street musicians singing in all the languages and playing ​​on different instruments. Here you can feel the real atmosphere of Croatia.

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#3Climb to the Gornji Grad on the funicular in ZagrebClimb to the Gornji Grad on the funicularNelicesa

Are you going to visit the oldest district of the capital? Take a ride there on the funicular.

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Gornji Grad on the map

Location: in the center of the capital of Croatia - Zagreb.

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#2Zagreb — Heart & SoulZagreb — Heart & Soul

In this “evergreen” tour you will get an perfect overview of Gradec and Kaptol and also on this sightseeing route you will see the main symbols of the city.

HRK 221+/person


Guest15 April 2024

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