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Zagreb things to do & places to visit

The capital of Croatia attracts more and more travelers every year. It's quite obvious - gastronomic delicacies, noisy bars, beautiful streets and a rich cultural life make the city very popular.

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Things to do in Zagreb 6

Visit the Plitvice Lakes in Zagreb
oddviserVisit the Plitvice Lakes#1 of 6 things to do in Zagreb

If you go to Croatia you should definitely visit Plitvice Lakes National Park - actually the main nature sight of Croatia.

How much: from HRK 55#nature#strolling#unusualPlitvice Lakes National Park
Bring your exhibit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb
Margaret CainBring your exhibit to the Museum of Broken Relationships#2 of 6 things to do in Zagreb

Did not have the heart to throw your ex's things out of the window? Bring them right here!

How much: free#unusual#romanticMuseum of Broken Relationships
Climb to the Gornji Grad on the funicular in Zagreb
NelicesaClimb to the Gornji Grad on the funicular#3 of 6 things to do in Zagreb

Are you going to visit the oldest district of the capital? Take a ride there on the funicular.

How much: from HRK 4#strolling#viewsGornji Grad
Try Ožujsko beer in Zagreb
Николай ЩепетовTry Ožujsko beer#4 of 6 things to do in Zagreb

After a long walk around the city, you should definitely visit one of the local establishments and relax a bit with a pint of traditional Croatian beer.

How much: from HRK 20#cuisineZagreb
Try Croatian sausages in Zagreb
oddviserTry Croatian sausages#5 of 6 things to do in Zagreb

Of course, it's necessary to try traditional Ožujsko local beer with traditional Croatian sausages.

How much: from HRK 20#cuisineZagreb
Taste the Licitar heart in Zagreb
Наталья ГригорьеваTaste the Licitar heart#6 of 6 things to do in Zagreb

Traditional sweet bright red pastries are not just a symbol of Zagreb, but also its cultural heritage and the best present for St. Valentine's day.

How much: from HRK 60#cuisine#souvenirsZagreb
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Places to visit in Zagreb 3

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Zagreb
Plitvice Lakes National Park#1 of 3 places to visit in Zagreb

You will see 16 lakes, 140 incredibly beautiful cascading waterfalls and 20 caves in this stunning park that considered to be the main nature sight of Croatia.

Gornji Grad in Zagreb
Gornji Grad#2 of 3 places to visit in Zagreb

Historical area in the heart of the capital, where all the oldest temples, cathedrals and other cultural attractions of Zagreb are gathered.

Museum of Broken Relationships
Museum of Broken Relationships (coming soon)#3 of 3 places to visit in Zagreb

Extraordinary museum where you can erase bad memories of unsuccessful relationships and drown the grief in cold beer.


Tours & excursions in Zagreb 5

Zagreb – Complete Puzzle
Zagreb – Complete Puzzle

If you are eager to explore Zagreb, you will like this tour. Combination of driving and walking gives you a chance to see dislocated parts of the city.

From HRK 297#sights
Zagreb — Heart & Soul
Zagreb — Heart & Soul

In this “evergreen” tour you will get an perfect overview of Gradec and Kaptol and also on this sightseeing route you will see the main symbols of the city.

From HRK 221#sightseeing
National shrine of Holy Mother Marija Bistrica
National shrine of Holy Mother Marija Bistrica

Visit the charming town of Marija Bistrica and the largest Croatian shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

From HRK 517#cathedrals
Walk and Cook
Walk and Cook

To those who would like to get aquainted with Zagreb history and culture flavored with local cuisine and accompained by a Croation chef devoted!

From HRK 667#cuisine#sights
Excursion around Split
Excursion around Split

Welcome to Split - a city-museum, where the benevolent people live, where the sea is blue, and nature enchants with amazing beauty.

Price HRK 960 per group#cultural#sightseeing#beautiful-views

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