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Climb to the Gornji Grad on the funicularin Zagreb, Croatia

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Are you going to visit the oldest district of the capital? Take a ride there on the funicular.
How to climb to the Gornji Grad on the funicular in Zagreb
Funicular in Zagreb is another local attraction. Although this funicular overcomes the smallest distance (in comparison with any other in Europe), only 66 meters and it is faster to get to Upper Town by any other mode of transport than to wait for the next departure (although the interval is only 10 minutes), but it still worth to ride on.

Blue cable car trailersPhoto: Blue cable car trailers

Old blue trailers running up and down the hill look very funny and its nice and interesting to ride in them, although the journey lasts no more than a minute, but after it you will find yourself on an excellent viewing platform, directly ander the foot of the Lotrščak tower, where you can admire a panoramic view of the whole city.

How to do?

1. Go to Ilitsa Street 8, here the lower departure point of the funicular is located.
2. Pay for the fare (4 kunas).
3. Wait a couple of minutes, jump into the small blue trailer and take a ride!
4. When you are at the top (approximately in a minute), be sure to rise up on the tower observation deck to appreciate the stunning view from there.

Where to do?

#2Gornji Grad in ZagrebGornji Grad

Historical area in the heart of the capital, where all the oldest temples, cathedrals and other cultural attractions of Zagreb are gathered.

Location: in the center of the capital of Croatia - Zagreb.

When to do?

The funicular works without days off from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm with an interval in 10 minutes.

Tours & excursions 1

#2Zagreb — Heart & SoulZagreb — Heart & Soul

In this “evergreen” tour you will get an perfect overview of Gradec and Kaptol and also on this sightseeing route you will see the main symbols of the city.

HRK 221+/person


Guest21 July 2024

More things to do in Zagreb

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#4Try Ožujsko beer in ZagrebTry Ožujsko beerНиколай Щепетов

After a long walk around the city, you should definitely visit one of the local establishments and relax a bit with a pint of traditional Croatian beer.

#5Try Croatian sausages in ZagrebTry Croatian sausagesoddviser

Of course, it's necessary to try traditional Ožujsko local beer with traditional Croatian sausages.

#1Visit the Plitvice Lakes in ZagrebVisit the Plitvice Lakesoddviser

If you go to Croatia you should definitely visit Plitvice Lakes National Park - actually the main nature sight of Croatia.

55Plitvice Lakes National Park
#2Bring your exhibit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in ZagrebBring your exhibit to the Museum of Broken RelationshipsMargaret Cain

Did not have the heart to throw your ex's things out of the window? Bring them right here!

FREEMuseum of Broken Relationships
#6Taste the Licitar heart in ZagrebTaste the Licitar heartНаталья Григорьева

Traditional sweet bright red pastries are not just a symbol of Zagreb, but also its cultural heritage and the best present for St. Valentine's day.

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