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Taste the Licitar heartin Zagreb, Croatia

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Traditional sweet bright red pastries are not just a symbol of Zagreb, but also its cultural heritage and the best present for St. Valentine's day.
How to taste the Licitar heart in Zagreb
Such honey gingerbread can be found in many countries of Europe, it can be found under different names, but the gingerbread of impressive size, in the shape of red heart with a white pattern along the rim, is a national delicacy of Croats. Even UNESCO recognized the uniqueness of this dessert and introduced it with the list of Croatia's intangible heritage, since it has been cooked here for more than 5 centuries.

Licitar Heart
Photo: Licitar Heart, © Iwcz photo Follow

Christmas wreaths and trees are often decorated with them (especially the one that is installed in the center of the capital on holidays), but the main purpose of this sweets is Valentine's Day, when all Croats gift a small or huge sweet meter heart to their beloved.

How to do?

1. Go to a local pastry shop or supermarket. Usually the counters are simply overwhelmed with these delicacies.
2. Buy a little to eat right away and of course get a pair of gingerbread as a gift to your beloved ones.

How much?

The sweetness can cost from 10 kunas for a small bird and up to 200 kunas for a huge bright red heart.


Guest20 May 2024

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