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What to see in Latvia —
5 places to visit

9things to doin Latvia

5 places to visit in Latvia

#1in RigaSt. Peter's ChurchSt. Peter's Church in Riga

It's one of the oldest temples of Baltic. Here concerts of live music and art exhibitions take place. The tower of the church is the highest construction in Riga.

#2in RigaMežaparksMežaparks in Riga

In the main park of Riga at Lake Kisezers you can go paddle surfing in summer and go skiing in winter. Open-air theater here holds concerts and performances.

#3in RigaRiga central marketRiga central market in Riga

Riga Central Market offers big variety of traditional Latvian delights: smoked lamprey, rye bread with berries, meadow honey and others delicious food.

#4in RigaRiga CathedralRiga Cathedral in Riga

Lutheran Middle-Age cathedral is the centre of spiritual and musical life in Riga. Here you can listen to organ and visit the oldest museum of the history and navigation in Latvia.

#5in RigaSpikeri quarterSpikeri quarter in Riga

Former stock quarter with adjoining Duagava riverfront was rebuilt into the centre of culture, sports and youth hanging out place.

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