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What to see in Bolivia —
4 places to visit

3things to doin Bolivia

3 places to visit in Bolivia

#1in La PazYungas Road (Death Road) in La PazYungas Road (Death Road) in La Paz

Citizens of Northern Bolivia have to get to the capital city down the Death Road, and new-coming thrill-seekers push their luck here going down by bikes.

#1in UyuniTrain cemeteryTrain cemetery in Uyuni

If there is a paradise for locomotives, it probably looks like this place where dozens of old cast-iron monsters have gone in their last path.

#2in UyuniSalar de UyuniSalar de Uyuni in Uyuni

The world's biggest salt lake occupies an area of 10 585 square kilometers. It is located in Uyuni city suburbs. After rainy season, from November till March, salt pyramids appear on the lake's surface.

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