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Yungas Road (Death Road)in La Paz, Bolivia

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Citizens of Northern Bolivia have to get to the capital city down the Death Road, and new-coming thrill-seekers push their luck here going down by bikes.
Yungas Road (Death Road), La Paz
Yungas Road that connects Bolivian capital La Paz and Coroico town in the North is known around the world as Death Road.

It is a steep descent down a 70-kilometer serpentine road where crumbly pavement turns into washy off-road. On the narrow parts of Yungas Road (3,5 meters) two cars hardly can pass each other. There is a rule - those who go up have to let pass those who go down.

Road, La Paz
Photo: Road, © 1

Bolivian people pray every time they go down the road. However, adrenaline-seekers intentionally come to Bolivia to conquer the Death Road by bikes.

Yungas Road, La Paz
Photo: Yungas Road, © Nyall & Maryanne

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#1Cycle along the Death Road in La PazCycle along the Death Roadmaxwell

Cycle along the most dangerous road in the world - Yungas Road. It's even more exciting than climbing Everest.

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Guest04 December 2023