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What to see in Mexico —
7 places to visit

20things to doin Mexico

7 places to visit in Mexico

#1in CancunIk Kil in CancunIk Kil in Cancun

After a plunge into the enigmatic Ik Kul Cenote in the Yucatan peninsula, you can explore the centuries-old Mayan mysteries.

#2in CancunChichen Itza in CancunChichen Itza in Cancun

The ancient city where the Mayan peoples lived and its famous pyramids belong to the new world wonders — these are the most visited sights of Yucatan.

#1in San Luis PotosiCave of SwallowsCave of Swallows in San Luis Potosi

The deepest cave in Mexico surrounded by the jungles. It can be observed from the bird's eye view only.

#1in Mexico CityTeotihuacan in Mexico CityTeotihuacan in Mexico City

In this place Gods touch the ground and travelers can touch the mysteries of the ancient ghost city.

#1in GuadalajaraHueso Restaurant in GuadalajaraHueso Restaurant in Guadalajara

The concept of this restaurant goes beyond the usual framework, but this is exactly why it attracts numerous visitors.

#2in GuadalajaraTequila in GuadalajaraTequila in Guadalajara

The town is a national symbol of the country, where they produce the beverage of the same name. Tequila and its plantations included into UNESCO World Heritage List.

#3in GuadalajaraLake Chapala in GuadalajaraLake Chapala in Guadalajara

The largest freshwater lake of the country provides a great opportunity to have a rest as well as to see lots of amazing birds.

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