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Fisherman's Bastionin Budapest, Hungary

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Fisherman's Bastion, as many other architectural buildings in Budapest was constructed to mark 1000 anniversary of Hungary.
Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest
There was a time when it was a place surrounded by defensive wall where fishermen traded off the catch. Hundreds of years have passed since then and today's bastion has nothing to do with fishermen and home grounds defense. Now its main function is to serve as a background of Matthias Church.

Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

Interesting facts

• The Bastion holds seven domes and each of them symbolize tribes that united into Hungary state.
• The construction of the bastion is enlisted on UNESCO World Heritage Site list.
• The main tower overlooks the Danube river and Budapest parliament building. Sophisticated travellers advise to admire the view in the evening.
• People believe that under the fisherman’s bastion there is a system of secret underground passages hiding a lot of secrets.

Fisherman's Bastion view, Budapest
Photo: Fisherman's Bastion view, © Erik Hartberg

How to get

The bastion is located on the Buda hills, in the old district of the city. Take bus № 990, № 16, 16А и 116 (Szentháromság tér bus stop) or subway (Batthyány tér station).
You can also walk up to the bastion or take a funicular. On Mondays the funicular doesn’t function.

Bastion entrance

Lower gallery and towers visiting is free, but going up to the highest tower is priced.
The bastion is opened around-the-clock. To get to the towers in summer you can from 9.00 till 20.00, from October till May – till 19.00.

Ticket price is 700 forints, for students it is 350 forints. The entrance for children under 6 is free.

Fisherman's bastion, Budapest

Fisherman's Bastion on the map

Location: Szentháromság tér,

Open hours

Around the clock, towers from 9.00 till 20.00 in summer, from October - May – till 19.00.



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