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Vienna State Operain Vienna, Austria

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Here you can listen to arias of the best opera singers, choir to the accompaniment of the symphony orchestra and watch ballet.
Vienna State Opera, Vienna
The Vienna State Opera is acknowledged as a musical centre of Europe. Vienna is the city where outstanding musician as Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and other worked on their world-known masterpieces.

Interesting facts

• Don Giovanni by Mozart was the first performance staged in Vienna Opera.
• Emperor of Austria Franz Joseph I said bad things about interior and exterior design of the building and it resulted in designer's heart attack and architect's suicide. Anyway the Opera house has excellent acoustic properties.
• Actual citizens of Vienna are meticulous about the Opera building. A great many of them consider the Vienna Opera to be the most magnificent buildings in Austria. Interior design impresses with its expansion and luxury.

, Vienna

• Facade of the building is decorated with five muses favouring the Vienna Opera House: Love, Heroism, Comedy, Fantasy and Drama.
• The Opera house seats 1709 spectators, also, standing room and room for disabled people. Each seat is equipped with a small display translating libretto in here and now mode.

, Vienna

• Every year more than 120 performances take place on the square in front of the opera. All of them are absolutely free of charge.
• They conduct one-hour introductory excursions that give a possibility to look behind the stage curtains.
• Every winter balls traditionally take place in Opera House.

How to get

The Vienna Opera building is located at address Opernring 2. The nearest metro station - Karlsplatz.

You can take tram №1 and №2, bus №25, 26, 36, 38, and also L, 59A and 360 to get to the Opera House.

Also it's quite comfortable to get here by car. Ticket to Opera includes a parking space for 8 hours in the underground parking lot of Ringstrassengalerien shopping centre for 7 €. For this you have to punch your parking ticket in the Opera lobby.

Vienna Opera tickets

You can buy tickets online and at the box office on 40 Kertnerstrasse.

The tickets are available 30 days before the performance, the average price is about 140-200 €. Tickets to the lodge are priced at more than 2000 euros.

The Vienna Opera bill

The Opera has more than 50 plays on its list of productions. The season lasts 10 months, performances take place daily. Mainly, they are classical works of Austrian and foreign composers, but also there are some modern performances.

Mozart's operas are considered to be iconic performances of the Vienna Opera House, as work of this composer opened the artistic history of the building.

Timetimble of the performances is available on the Vienna Opera official website.

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#7Dance on the Vienna Opera Ball in ViennaDance on the Vienna Opera BallAnna Tet

Dance a waltz at the ball along with the President of Austria and other celebrities from all around the world.

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Vienna State Opera on the map

Location: Opernring 2

Open hours

Mon. to Fri. from 9 am until one hour before curtain, Sat. from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on Sunday


Phone: +43 1 514442250
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