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Dance on the Vienna Opera Ballin Vienna, Austria

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Dance a waltz at the ball along with the President of Austria and other celebrities from all around the world.
How to dance on the Vienna Opera Ball in Vienna
The Vienna Opera House has been holding the Vienna Opera Ball since 1935 - magnificent event that gets together world politicians and fashionable celebs.

First polonaise, Vienna

The Ball is a fabulous performance with the participation of symphony orchestra and Vienna Operetta ballet. Thousands of spectators watch 75 dance couples perform polonaise - they are the best dancers that have been selected and held dozens of rehearsals. By the way, a dancer can take part in the Vienna Ball only once in his/her life.

Ladies hold a bouquet, men wear a black tail-coat, Vienna

Rehearsal, Vienna

After the official part the Ball is announced opened; guests start dancing - they waltz round the hall, perform tap-dance and tango passionately.

How to do?

1. Some people take public transport to show their finest attire to the public. You can take subway and get to Karlsplatz station, tram № 1, 2, 62, 71 or bus № 59A to go to Opernring bus stop and reach the Opera.

2. Taxi fare through the city is 15 €. In case you're on your car - the nearest underground parking lot Öpark Kärntnerringgarage is placed under Ringstrassengalerien shopping centre at address 8 Mahlerstrasse. If you've got a ticket for any event in the Vienna Opera you can get discount - 7 € for 8-hour parking. To get the discount, mark parking ticket near the cloakroom of the Opera.

3. The Ball lasts till the morning. At this time a lot of taxi cars of different class stand near the Opera house waiting for their passengers, so it's easy to get home after the event. If you're not in a hurry, take a stroll to the nearest fast-food restaurant for a hot-dog as a lot of frequent ball guests do.

Where to do?

#2Vienna State Opera in ViennaVienna State Opera

Here you can listen to arias of the best opera singers, choir to the accompaniment of the symphony orchestra and watch ballet.

Location: Opernring 2
Open hours: Mon. to Fri. from 9 am until one hour before curtain, Sat. from 9 am to 5 pm, closed on Sunday
Phone: +43 1 514442250
Official website: https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/

When to do?

The Vienna Opera Ball takes place in February. In 2018 it is held on 8 of February.

How much?

To dance on Vienna Ball costs 290 € (only standing room).

6-seat loge neat to the stage - 11 500 €(catering + entry ticket), 12-seat lodge - 20 500 € (catering + entry ticket).

Loge on the second balcony for 8-10 people maximum (catering + entry ticket) - 10 000 €.

Table for two on the sixth balcony (catering + entry ticket) - 200 €.

Tips and hints

• Men have to wear a tail-coat, women - ball dress. To wear the same attire for two balls is considered to be mauvais ton. Besides, you should learn some ball dance moves not to look awkward.
• You'd better book tickets 4 months before - there is a big run on them.

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Guest24 May 2024
Guest09 January 2018На самом сайте оперы написано по поводу цены за ложу и за столик
"Price excluding admission ticket and catering." Т е за еду ( кейтеринг) и за входные билеты нужно будет еще заплатить. На данный момент входные билеты 290 евро за человека.

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