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#1Race down the volcano in LeonRace down the volcanoAnna Tet

Volсano boarding resembles sleigh rides in winter except for the fact that you are riding down the 700-meter volcano slope.

NIO 447Cerro Negro vulcano
#1Feed flying foxes in KandyFeed flying foxesAnna Tet

Indian flying foxes are gregarious. They are friendly with people, but pitiless to sweet mango fruits.

LKR 1500Royal Botanic Gardens
#2Watch firefly squids in TokyoWatch firefly squidsAnna Tet

In Toyama bay they hook squids shining blue. At night they are seen the best. Come here to witness the majestic picture in the water!

¥3000Toyama Bay
#2Feed a baby elephant in KandyFeed a baby elephantAnna Tet

Come to Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage at lunch time - you'll get a possibility to feed a baby elephant with a feeding bottle.

LKR 2750Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
#1Walk up to Eden in Nuwara EliyaWalk up to EdenAnna Tet

Piligrims of three different religions climb up Adam's Peak - they believe the Eden is nowhere else but here. Walk up to here too and see what the Eden is like!

FREEAdam's Peak
#1Climb Sigiriya Lion Rock in DambullaClimb Sigiriya Lion RockAnna Tet

Sigiriya rock used to be a king's residence in V century. Ruins of the palace and painted frescoes still reminds of exuberant royal past.

LKR 3900Sigiriya Lion Rock
#1Take a walk underneath Niagara Falls in TorontoTake a walk underneath Niagara FallsAnna Tet

Waterfall rock has tunnels that lead just right to the falling Niagara.

CAD 18Niagara Falls
#1Try bungy jumping in QueenstownTry bungy jumpingAnna Tet

If you're about to go bungy jumping – do it at Kawarau Bridge. The very first commercial bungy jumping was launched here.

NZD 195Kawarau Bridge
#1Ride in toboggan wooden sledge down asphalt road on MadeiraRide in toboggan wooden sledge down asphalt roadAnna Tet

On Madeira people used to take this unusual transport to get around. Today they still use it, but just for fun.

#1See the Door to Hell in AshgabadSee the Door to HellAnna Tet

When the gas in Darvaza crater flames - it seems, the Hell is opening the door.

Karakum Desert
#2Take an edge walk in TorontoTake an edge walkAnna Tet

Feel what it means to "walk along the edge" - on the verge of a deadly fear to break and an irresistible desire to fly.

CAD 225CN Tower (Canada's National Tower)
#2Take a part in La Tomatina in ValenciaTake a part in La TomatinaAnna Tet

Celebrate the summer at the main Spanish fiesta - La Tomatina, and struggle in tomato battle. This happens only once a year!

#1Take comic strip route in BrusselsTake comic strip routeAnna Tet

Find 50 paintings on the walls of Brussels buildings - you can run into them in the most unexpected places.

#1See Catatumbo lightening in MaracaiboSee Catatumbo lighteningAnna Tet

You can watch lightning strike over Lake Maracaibo for 10 hours in a row.

FREEMaracaibo Lake
#6Feed chipmunks in TorontoFeed chipmunksAnna Tet

Chipmunk gang acts with impudence in High Park. To achieve their goal - get as many nuts as possible - they use people.

FREEHigh Park
#5Take part in World Naked Bike Ride in TorontoTake part in World Naked Bike RideAnna Tet

Every year the Canadians take naked bike rides to draw attention to social problems.

FREECoronation Park
#1Go base jumping into the swallow cave in San Luis PotosiGo base jumping into the swallow caveAnna Tet

Swallow cave is a deep gap in the mountains without any instructors and firs aid.

MXN 1325Cave of Swallows
#1See the Heaven's Gate in ZhangjiajieSee the Heaven's GateAnna Tet

There is a good reason to call China "Celestial Empire" - the Heaven's Getaway leads from here.

CNY 258Tianmen Mountain
#1Hug a panda in ChengduHug a pandaAnna Tet

In the Chengdu Research Base, there is the largest number of pandas in the world. You can cuddle with them - it's quite good destress.

CNY 2058Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
#1Jump off a cliff into the Adriatic Sea in SplitJump off a cliff into the Adriatic SeaAnna Tet

Get your dose of adrenaline on the rocky coasts of Kashuni beach.

HRK 258
#1Set out on fjord journey in OsloSet out on fjord journeyAnna Tet

You can take ferry and come round the whole Oslofjord inlet to witness pristine beauty of nature.

NOK 33
#2Attend session of the European Parliament in BrusselsAttend session of the European ParliamentAnna Tet

See live the procedure of adopting laws for citizens of the European Union.

FREEThe European Parliament building
#7Cross the bridge between Canada and the USA in TorontoCross the bridge between Canada and the USAAnna Tet

The USA and Northern edge of Canada are connected by the bridge over the Niagara river.

CAD 0.50Rainbow Bridge
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