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Hug a pandain Chengdu, China

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In the Chengdu Research Base, there is the largest number of pandas in the world. You can cuddle with them - it's quite good destress.
How to hug a panda in Chengdu
Panda not only beats all internet ratings of cuteness, it is also the main symbol of China. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which in the south-west of the country, managed to keep the population of pandas. Since 1991, they have ceased to be an endangered species, and perfectly feel themselves, swaying on the branches of bamboo in the reserve.

Pandas playing after the dinner, Chengdu
Photo: Pandas playing after the dinner, © gill_penney

Being in complete safety and the natural habitat, the pandas are playful and ready to cuddle with you until they get tired. And for a sweet carrot (do not you dare bring it with you, the volunteers have the right food) they are your friends forever :)

How to do?

1. Arrive to the reserve early (by 9-10 am) - you will see how frolicking pandas during feeding. The easiest way to reach the Panda Base: take a bus 9 from Chengdu North Railway Station to to Zoo Bus Stop, then transffer to bus 87 or 198 to the Panda Base Bus Stop. The journey takes 1,5 hours.
2. At the entrance, you'll be offered the English-speaking guide servises for CNY100 for a group of 1-10 people, as well as transport in the park for CNY10 per person - you can drive around the main locations two to three times faster.

Panda-bus can hold up to 6 persons
Photo: Panda-bus can hold up to 6 persons

3. Except the pandas, there are foxes and peackoks on the territory of the reserve, there is a lake with swans and 90 hectares of green park zone as well.
4. But if it has no matter to you, and you're just here for one thing - to cuddle with panda, then go straight to the Panda experience workstation near Sunshine Nursery House. You may cuddle with panda two times a day - at 10:30 am and 14:30 pm. Sign up for 30 minutes in advance and pay a donation fee. Payment by cash only! Get your neck teg, a special blue coat to keep yourself and panda clean and safe - go ahead to cuddle with the cutest panda animal ever!

Take a pic with panda, Chengdu
Photo: Take a pic with panda, © hug_momo | Flickr

Where to do?

#1Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda BreedingChengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

The Chengdu Research Base is considered a homeland of Giant Panda.

Location: 1375 Xiongmao Avenue, Northern Suburb of Chengdu, Sichuan province
Open hours: 7:30 am - 6 pm
Phone: +86-28-83510033
Official website: http://www.panda.org.cn/english/

When to do?

Chengdu Research Base is open all year round from 07:30 am till 6:00 pm.
You can hug a panda at 10:30 and 14:30.

How much?

Admission cost for adults - CNY 58 per person, for children under 1.2 meters in height - CNY 29.
To cuddle with panda - CNY 2000.

Do not forget, payment only in cash, there are no ATM - only pandas :)

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