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Kawarau Bridgein Queenstown, New Zealand

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The bridge over the Kawarau River, which is 43 meters high, is a world's popular location in the world for extreme bungy-jumping.
Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown
The Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand is well known to fans of extreme sports who either have already did bungy-jumping from this bridge, or secretly dream about it.

Bangy-jumping on Kawarau bridge, Queenstown
Photo: Bangy-jumping on Kawarau bridge, © Antoine Chanel

A bridge over the Kawarau River, which flows along the grapevine, was built at the end of the 19th century, and became famous throughout the world thanks to two guys who organized the world's first commercial bungee jumping to the river from Kawarau bridge in 1988.

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#1Try bungy jumping in QueenstownTry bungy jumpingAnna Tet

If you're about to go bungy jumping – do it at Kawarau Bridge. The very first commercial bungy jumping was launched here.

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Kawarau Bridge on the map

Location: Gibbston valley


Guest30 November 2023
Photo credit © Arturo Pardavila III