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Try bungy jumpingin Queenstown, New Zealand

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If you're about to go bungy jumping – do it at Kawarau Bridge. The very first commercial bungy jumping was launched here.
How to try bungy jumping in Queenstown
The very world's first bungy jumping was made by AJ Hackett from Eiffel Tower. Then, in his homeland of New Zealand he was the first to offer bungy jumping on a commercial basis.

Bangy jumping, Queenstown
Photo: Bangy jumping, © Los viajes del Cangrejo

Go bungy jumping from the Kawarau Bridge down to the river. No matter whether you are a beginner in this sport or an experienced extremer — you'll do it! Well skilled staff who've been doing their job professionally for 30 years, will take care of your safety, will cheer you up morally at the start and pick you up at the finish.

Bungy jumping, Queenstown

Bungy jumping, Queenstown
Photo: Bungy jumping, © Renato Carvalho and Paul Schreiber

How to do?

1.Drive north on the road 6 to Kawarau Bridge. The journey will take about 25 minutes, but in general, make at least 1.5 hours of your time for the entire adventure. Either use a free shuttle service that departs daily from the city center at the corner of Camp and Shotover Streets from 8:40 am every 1 h 20 m (last bus at 3:20 pm, you need to check-in for 30 minutes before the trip).
2. As you arrived at the bungy jumping site, buy a ticket and get ready (take a sip and make sure you're not hungry, take off your glasses, watch and accessories). Clothes have no matter, but better to jump naked :)
3. After the jump you will be given a certificate, branded T-shirt and a link for downloading the pictures of your trembling knees on the tower or your facial expressions in flight :)

Where to do?

#1Kawarau Bridge in QueenstownKawarau Bridge

The bridge over the Kawarau River, which is 43 meters high, is a world's popular location in the world for extreme bungy-jumping.

Location: Gibbston valley

When to do?

• Children are allowed to jump only with adults.
• The minimum weight of the participant is 35 kilograms, the maximum weight is 235 kilograms.
• For getting a discount show the appropriate ID.
• Bungee jumping is prohibited for pregnant women and people suffering from epilepsy.

How much?

Bungy jumping for adults – $195 per person, for students – $165, for children aged 10-14 – $145.

Family bungy jumping (2 adults + 2 children) – $535.


Guest25 July 2024

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