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Go under a fjord waterfall on a ship boardin Queenstown, New Zealand

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On a cruise ship you can go close to the waterfall of Milford Sound bay and fill a glass with well-water.
How to go under a fjord waterfall on a ship board in Queenstown
Water of the Tasman Sea filled the valley of the most beautiful fjord of New Zealand about 10 000 years ago.

The rocks of the fjord reach the height of more than 1500 meters - they are overgrown with tropical forests from the one side of the bay and covered with snow from the other. The water of Milford Sound forms three layers - salty water with seaweed and plankton at the bottom and fresh water on the top.

Milford Sound Bay, Queenstown
Photo: Milford Sound Bay, © Mark Clinton

How to do?

1. Milford Sound bay is located on the territory of Fiordland National Park - it is a 3:30-hour drive from Queenstown Airport down one of the most picturesque roads in New Zealand - highway №94. You can take an arranged tour from Queenstown, buses depart at about 7am.

2. You should book a bay cruise in advance, say here. The cruise lasts about 2:15 hours. During the cruise you'll see a rookery of seals on the shore of the bay and also rare species of penguins that are only in Fiordland National Park. But the most exciting moment is when the ship comes close to the waterfall and you can put out your hand and fill the glass (you can get one on board) with the purest water from melted glaciers flavoured with mountain herbs.

Milford Sound Waterfall, Queenstown

Where to do?

#0Milford SoundMilford Sound

The bay in the southwest part of the New Zealand's southern island is surrounded with high forest rocks and waterfalls. You can explore it on board of a cruise ship or a helicopter.

When to do?

Cruises are carried out from May till September.

How much?

The price for a bay cruise begins at NZD91 per person. Cruise + transfer from/to Queenstown - at NZD 190.


Guest18 May 2024

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#1Try bungy jumping in QueenstownTry bungy jumpingAnna Tet

If you're about to go bungy jumping – do it at Kawarau Bridge. The very first commercial bungy jumping was launched here.

195Kawarau Bridge
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Photo credit © Mark Clinton