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What to see in New Zealand —
3 places to visit

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5 places to visit in New Zealand

#1in QueenstownKawarau Bridge in QueenstownKawarau Bridge in Queenstown

The bridge over the Kawarau River, which is 43 meters high, is a world's popular location in the world for extreme bungy-jumping.

#1in HamiltonWaitomo cavesWaitomo caves in Hamilton

The caves formed in the depth of the ocean millions years ago. When water waved back, limestone outgrowth, corrals, petrified sea fish and luminescent organisms remained on the walls.

#0in QueenstownMilford SoundMilford Sound in Queenstown

The bay in the southwest part of the New Zealand's southern island is surrounded with high forest rocks and waterfalls. You can explore it on board of a cruise ship or a helicopter.

#1in AucklandHot Water BeachHot Water Beach in Auckland

It is located 175 kilometers from Auckland, on Coromandel peninsula. The beach is hot as hot spring water from the depth bubbles up through golden sand. Here you can dig your own pool in the sand.

#0in OtagoKoekohe beachKoekohe beach in Otago

The beach is located between Moeraki and Hampden residential places. It is 100 kilometers eastward from Otago. The beach is known for its large spherical boulders.

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