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Take comic strip routein Brussels, Belgium

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Find 50 paintings on the walls of Brussels buildings - you can run into them in the most unexpected places.
How to take comic strip route in Brussels
Belgium is the biggest "supplier" of comics all around the world. They are bought by citizens of more than 30 countries.

Comics in Belgium have been made since 1920s, they have their peculiar style - satire on politics and social problem.

The human foibles in Belgian comics, Brussels
Photo: The human foibles in Belgian comics, © Olga Terekhova

By Brussels government order dozens of buildings in the city were painted with comics to make poor quarters brighter, and draw tourist attraction to historical buildings.

Belgian comics are calling for being tolerant, Brussels
Photo: Belgian comics are calling for being tolerant, © Olga Terekhova

How to do?

In Brussels there are more than 50 paintings of Belgian comics. There are some itineraries you can follow to find adventures of reporter Tintin, Lucky Luke or the Smurfs - choose one you like the most and take a map in a tourist info centre .

Did you know that Smurfs are originally Belgians?, Brussels
Photo: Did you know that Smurfs are originally Belgians?, © Olga Terekhova

Comic strip route, Brussels


Guest19 May 2024

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#2Attend session of the European Parliament in BrusselsAttend session of the European ParliamentAnna Tet

See live the procedure of adopting laws for citizens of the European Union.

FREEThe European Parliament building
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