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Go base jumping into the swallow cavein San Luis Potosi, Mexico

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Swallow cave is a deep gap in the mountains without any instructors and firs aid.
How to go base jumping into the swallow cave in San Luis Potosi
Deep gap in the jungles was discovered by Aztecs (indigenous people of Mexico) and was name as swallow cave (Sótano de las Golondrinas) beause of thousands nests on the walls.

Aquismon, The swallows leave the cave at 12 am and usually back by 4 pm, San Luis Potosi
Photo: The swallows leave the cave at 12 am and usually back by 4 pm, © 1

Later the 380-meter deep hole became interesting for thrill-seekers - they started descending into the cave and go base jumping.

The height of the flight is 3 times smaller than from the fiord cliff in Norway, but the cave hides its own chips for true thrill-seekers. Its walls are slippery and quite often breaks into small pieces, the bottom is badly explored, but it's known that there are some fauna (don't be surprised if the ground under the feet starts moving).

Aquismon, A descent to the Cave of Swallow will take 30 minutes, San Luis Potosi
Photo: A descent to the Cave of Swallow will take 30 minutes, © 1

How to do?

1. The easiest way to get to the Swallow Cave is by car - on arrival in San Lois Potosi, rent a 4x4 at the airport (light motor car can't run in jungles); you can book a car on rental offers generator web-site .

2. The way to the cave takes about 4 hours - follow the guided path. From San Lois Potosi to Aquismon there are federal roads №70, 85; another 300 meters you have to take ground road and jungles.

The cave can be visited strictly from 12 till 16 when the nests are empty from birds - plan you itinerary in accordance with this information.

3. Free fall with a parachute lasts about 12 seconds, climbing up takes from 2 to 5 hours. You've got to be experienced not just in base jumping, but also in rock climbing.

Aquismon, A base jump into the Cave of Swallow, San Luis Potosi

Where to do?

#1Cave of SwallowsCave of Swallows

The deepest cave in Mexico surrounded by the jungles. It can be observed from the bird's eye view only.

Location: in Aquismon

When to do?

Any day strictly from 12.00 till 16.00

How much?

A 4x4 rental for 24 hours is from 1325 pesos ($75).

Tips and hints

The swallow cave is situated in the midst of wild nature, here you want find any sports camp with extra equipment, instructor or doctors - you are the only one who's responsible for jumping!

Aquismon, Watch your friend's base jump to the Cave of Swallow, San Luis Potosi
Photo: Watch your friend's base jump to the Cave of Swallow, © Global Hobo

Before base jumping you have to:
• study the information about the cave inside and what way to take to get out of it;
• make sure you've got enough experience and energy for this adventure;
• check out your equipment and take extra necessary parts;
• take the jump only two or three together, a few people have to stay at the top to veer the rope while you're climbing up;
• before the jump, get to know how to contact local emergency services.


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