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CN Tower (Canada's National Tower)in Toronto, Canada

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553,33-meter high symbol of Toronto city; it's almost two times higher than the Eiffel Tower - a 360°-panorama restaurant on the roof and EdgeWalk attraction.
CN Tower (Canada's National Tower), Toronto
CN Tower is depicted on postcards from Toronto; it is, perhaps, the most recognizable symbol of the city and the highest free-standing construction in the Western Hemisphere!

All the adrenaline-seekers come up to the CN Tower roof to experience true "on the edge of a steep" feeling and to taste wine from the world's highest wine cellar in the restaurant at the height of 351 meters.

360 Restaurant, CN Tower, Toronto
Photo: 360 Restaurant, CN Tower, © 1

CN Tower is placed in the centre of Toronto. This symbol of the city attracts tourists by its splendid panoramic view.

Interesting facts

• This is the highest construction of the Western Hemisphere (553 meters high)
• Abbreviation CN stands for Canada’s National Tower.
• 351 meters from the land there is a rotating restaurant. It fetches one circuit in 72 minutes.
• At the height of 342 meters there is a viewing platform Look Out, one floor lower - Glass Floor - platform to take a walk on the glass. Solid glass can hold loading of 109 t/cm².
At the height of 346 meters there is viewing platform "Edge Walk". This is gridded ledge without rails; it is 1,5 meter wide and it encircles the tower. Those who want to walk here are fastened to beam. In winter it can be closed due to bad weather conditions. 1330-lamp highlighting with colours of national flag decorates the tower.
Lifts rise to the viewing platform at a speed of 22 kilometers per 58 seconds.
Every year the Tower is visited by 2 million people.
Admission pass to the tower and the viewing platform is 50 CAD, viewing platform for thrill seekers - 175 CAD.

How to get

You can get to CN Tower by metro: get to Union station, then go down Front Street. Cimko park is your orienting point, the tower is located nearby. Also you can take tram 510 and get Spadina Avenue stop, and then go down Front Street.

360 Restaurant, CN Tower, Toronto
Photo: 360 Restaurant, CN Tower, © 1

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CN Tower (Canada's National Tower) on the map

Location: 301 Front Street West Toronto

Open hours

8:30 am — 10:30 pm


Official website: http://www.cntower.ca
Phone: +1(416) 868-6937
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Guest24 June 2024

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