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22 things to do in Toronto

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#1Take a walk underneath Niagara Falls in TorontoTake a walk underneath Niagara FallsAnna Tet

Waterfall rock has tunnels that lead just right to the falling Niagara.

CAD 18Niagara Falls
#2Take an edge walk in TorontoTake an edge walkAnna Tet

Feel what it means to "walk along the edge" - on the verge of a deadly fear to break and an irresistible desire to fly.

CAD 225CN Tower (Canada's National Tower)
#3See Niagara Falls in TorontoSee Niagara FallsAlexander Fedai

This is the most powerful waterfall in North America - for good reason, it was named after the Iroquois tribe onguiaahra, which is translated as "thunder of water".

Niagara Falls
#4Take a boat to Niagara Falls in TorontoTake a boat to Niagara FallsLev Сhechetkin

Approach the roaring Horseshoe Falls - the largest of the Niagara trinity. Between you and the waterfall will be a distance in a few tens of meters.

CAD 26Niagara Falls
#5Take part in World Naked Bike Ride in TorontoTake part in World Naked Bike RideAnna Tet

Every year the Canadians take naked bike rides to draw attention to social problems.

FREECoronation Park
#6Feed chipmunks in TorontoFeed chipmunksAnna Tet

Chipmunk gang acts with impudence in High Park. To achieve their goal - get as many nuts as possible - they use people.

FREEHigh Park
#7Cross the bridge between Canada and the USA in TorontoCross the bridge between Canada and the USAAnna Tet

The USA and Northern edge of Canada are connected by the bridge over the Niagara river.

CAD 0.50Rainbow Bridge
#8See sakura blossoms in High Park in TorontoSee sakura blossoms in High ParkАлена Юрьевна

Come to High Park in April, when the Japanese cherry trees are blossoming during the whole week or week and a half.

#9Buy maple syrup in TorontoBuy maple syrupMaría Alejandra

Do not leave Canada until you buy a syrup made of the sap of sugar, red or black maple - a symbol of Canada.

CAD 23
#10Try beer at ShakesBeer Festival in TorontoTry beer at ShakesBeer FestivalBlackwater

Tasting delicious beer of local breweries and performances of Shakespeare's plays in one place.

CAD 58
#11Attend pillow fight in TorontoAttend pillow fightAnna Tet

Pillow fights are held annualy in April. The next following date is April 7, 2018. Get your arms ready for a battle.

FREENathan Phillips Square
#12See racoons in TorontoSee racoonsAnna Tet

Toronto overpopulated with raccoons - they encroach on people's homes and food.

#13Watch hockey match at Air Canada Centre in TorontoWatch hockey match at Air Canada Centreoddviser

Don`t forget to visit the main Canadian arena - the home of NHL team Toronto Maple Leafs.

Air Canada Centre
#14Try maple beer in TorontoTry maple beerAnna Grishina

Be sure to try a beer with maple syrup. It is sold in many shops and pubs. It has a gentle maple fragrance and can also contain ginger roots, coffee, honey and other ingredients.

#15Buy ice wine in TorontoBuy ice wineFAGOT

Ice wine is a very sweet wine drink with an unusual aroma, made exclusively from grapes that survived at -8° and below. The grapes must be hand picked before they thaw.

CAD 30
#16Buy maple candies in TorontoBuy maple candiesR.R.Mix

Try candy made out of real maple syrup. Sometimes they even add bits of bacon in it.

#17Watch movie in the open air in TorontoWatch movie in the open airBeautiful

Every year, from June to September, movies are screened for free in many parks, gardens and on the beaches of Toronto.

#18Try brochette in TorontoTry brochetteBeautiful

This is a kebab, for which finely chopped meat and vegetables are strung on skewers and poured with berry sauce.

#19Ascend the CN Tower in TorontoAscend the CN TowerNelicesa

Look at Toronto from several observation decks and walk along the glass floor, through which you can see the city. Everything will seem miniature from here.

CAD 12
#20Watch Caribana carnival in TorontoWatch Caribana carnivalАлена Юрьевна

In the last 2 weeks of July, the festival of Caribbean culture gathers crowds of people in carnival costumes.

#21Participate in Niagara Falls International Marathon in TorontoParticipate in Niagara Falls International MarathonTouchstone

It starts on October 15 at 9:00 in Buffalo, continues along the Niagara River and ends at the Horseshoe Falls.

CAD 125
#22Participate in DJ Skate Nights in TorontoParticipate in DJ Skate NightsFisikle

Free skating rink near Lake Ontario invites everyone to have fun to the music of a DJ.

FREEThe Natrel Rink
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