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Take a boat to Niagara Fallsin Toronto, Canada

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Approach the roaring Horseshoe Falls - the largest of the Niagara trinity. Between you and the waterfall will be a distance in a few tens of meters.
How to take a boat to Niagara Falls in Toronto
Two countries - Canada and the United States – share the Niagara Falls. There is only the Horseshoe Falls – the largest of them – in the Canadian territory.

You can look at it from a free observation deck from above or set off on a real adventure – take a small ferry boat to all three falls as much closer as possible. Even a raincoat won't save you from the force of nature - everyone comes back wet from here.

Hornblower, Toronto

How to do?

1. Find out, how to get to Niagara Falls, here .

2. The Hornblower ferry boat for 700 passengers and the Hornblower Guardian jet-boat for 150 people go to the waterfalls on the Canadian side. You can buy a ship ticket in the northern part of Queen Victoria Park, at the foot of Clifton Hill. All boats and ships are moored at the lower landing near the River Road, Niagara Parkway, 5920.

Hornblower, Toronto

3. The ship will take you to all three Niagara Falls. You will have the opportunity to ride directly to their raging waters.

Hornblower, Toronto
Photo: Hornblower

Where to do?

#1Niagara Falls in TorontoNiagara Falls

Cascade of waterfalls at Canada-the USA border: the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

Open hours: 9 am - 8:30 pm

How much?

A ferry ride near the waterfall costs CAN $25.95 for adults and CAN $15.95 for children from 6 to 12 years.

Tips and hints

If you are going to take pictures of the waterfalls close or capture them on the camera, take only waterproof equipment with you.


Guest25 May 2024

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#19Ascend the CN Tower in TorontoAscend the CN TowerNelicesa

Look at Toronto from several observation decks and walk along the glass floor, through which you can see the city. Everything will seem miniature from here.

#3See Niagara Falls in TorontoSee Niagara FallsAlexander Fedai

This is the most powerful waterfall in North America - for good reason, it was named after the Iroquois tribe onguiaahra, which is translated as "thunder of water".

Niagara Falls
#7Cross the bridge between Canada and the USA in TorontoCross the bridge between Canada and the USAAnna Tet

The USA and Northern edge of Canada are connected by the bridge over the Niagara river.

0.50Rainbow Bridge
#6Feed chipmunks in TorontoFeed chipmunksAnna Tet

Chipmunk gang acts with impudence in High Park. To achieve their goal - get as many nuts as possible - they use people.

FREEHigh Park
#5Take part in World Naked Bike Ride in TorontoTake part in World Naked Bike RideAnna Tet

Every year the Canadians take naked bike rides to draw attention to social problems.

FREECoronation Park
#2Take an edge walk in TorontoTake an edge walkAnna Tet

Feel what it means to "walk along the edge" - on the verge of a deadly fear to break and an irresistible desire to fly.

225CN Tower (Canada's National Tower)
#1Take a walk underneath Niagara Falls in TorontoTake a walk underneath Niagara FallsAnna Tet

Waterfall rock has tunnels that lead just right to the falling Niagara.

18Niagara Falls
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